Should I be worried about lock snapping?

Should I be worried about lock snapping?

If you have listened into the security industry lately, you might have heard mention of something called lock snapping. In the same breath often you find lock bumping. These are terms describing an attack on your lock which, if you have the wrong type of locks installed. Will break the lock. Hence providing access to the perpetrator through the door. The way to protect yourself against this risk is of course to get an anti bump and anti snap lock installed on your door. It’s quick and affordable job to have your current locks updated. And for the fast and convenient installation work you need around your schedule. Feel free to call the caring and skilled professionals here.

Is lock snapping something I should worry aboutBoth lock snapping and lock bumping is something you should be worried about if you have not yet addressed the problem. The main reason for this is that it’s a common weakness in locks. And it’s a quick way for a burglar to gain access without making too much ruckus on your property. Regular DIY tools available in hardware shops are all that is needed. The anti snap and bump locks have been redesigned to get around the flaw. There are many homes in the UK today which suffer increased risk due to out of date locks.

If you are unsure of if your locks are of the variety you need. Get in touch with your anti snap and bump lock installer specialists here and we’ll help you find out quickly over the phone.

You should be worried about your door security and lock snapping if this is the first you think about it. But there is no reason to panic. It’s both affordable, easy and fast to correct the issue. And with a skilled smith team as the one you find with our quality crew. It’s as simple as giving us a call now. Your protection can be up to date as soon as by the end of the day.

Should I have an anti snap lock installed?

As discussed, the answer to the question above is, yes you should. The known method of entry is common among burglars today. With the need of only regular household tools there is no issue for any potential burglar to get their hands on what they need to perform a quick lock snapping job on a door. By adding an anti snap lock to your door you keep yourself safe against such a prominent threat.

What’s more is that you usually get a whole range of other features with your high security anti snap lock. For instance, an anti snap lock is also often anti bump and anti pick. Providing several security design features which make them difficult for anyone to bypass without jamming the lock. Hence the name of a high security anti snap lock. Of course you are looking at a slightly elevated cost with such a lock, but in the long run it will all be worth your while.

Speaking to an expert before choosing what lock to have installed is always a good idea. Getting in touch with our crew is something you can do at a time of your own convenience. The installation help you need is also available here. Professional installation is a requirement for perfect alignment, and proper protection. Installing your high security lock on your own is not something we would recommend. Even if you consider yourself a handy person who know their way around tools and DIY.
In today’s risky climate anti snap, bump and pick locks are to the experts here seen as a minimum requirement. Additional security features will only help your cause of keeping safe and secure at home. If you have questions feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Or if there is a lockout situation at hand. Don’t hesitate to dial our number now. Our trained lock installers are always ready and happy to help.