When should I call a professional?

When should I call a professional?

The array of situations that calls for a professional are many. There is no way to summarise them shortly here other than to say. Where locks, keys, security bars and other features are involved. When something goes wrong and security is impaired or potentially decapitated This is the time when you should call a professional.

If you are in the process of updating your locks for doors or windows. If you are searching for someone to help you with you security product choice. Call an expert who knows the details about the industry market and your local situation. Our advisers are here at all times to take your call. Including out of hours.

when should i call a professionalIf you are stuck outside of your home or work. A lockout situation is a typical situation where someone would call a key, lock and door fixer. In many cases this however is extraneous if preparation has taken place. By this we mean, saving spare keys with trusted people who live near by. Or who don’t mind taking a drive if you’re in a bad situation.

Lockout situations which are caused by a loss of keys post a threat to current security. Call a local professional to help you change any locks that you have lost keys for. You never know where your keys may end up. In some cases key theft is even arranged for burglary.

Practice good key care, secure your home, prepare yourself. And, when there is something that you are unsure of call a specialist. Our local professionals are here to help with any lock, key or security question at all times. Low prices, high security and a great local tradition promoting customer service.

For help with what locks, alarms and keys you should pick. Stay tuned or call this friendly and trusted team at any time.

How can I secure my patio door lock?

Sliding doors and typical patio back doors have long been known to have some weaknesses. If you are thinking from a security point. This is due to the small latch mechanism which is commonly used to lock and secure the door. And of course they are often made from glass.

Although breaking the glass in a patio door lock to bypass the lock is uncommon. The space where a lock can be situated within the door is then limited to the frame. How secure the latch for your patio door lock is determined by the who the manufacturers are and what design the door has.

In the stages of having it installed ensure you make good patio door lock choices. If you need help our local experts are here and happy to have a discussion with you at any time.

If the doors you are thinking about are already installed and you just want to upgrade to present day security. There are a few additions which are good solutions to security dips for your patio door lock.

How can I secure my patio doorsOne is a sliding door loop lock. Which is an external reinforcement and extra security for your patio door.

As backdoors and patio doors are often leading out to the garden. Sheltered from the view of the street it’s extra important that you have lights set up. And in working order. Even a CCTV camera mounted at the entrance will add to your security. Making any burglar think twice before any attempts.

Other attachments for your patio door lock security are also available. Speak to us now by giving us a call. Or get in touch at a time when you are comfortable dedicating a few minutes to the topic of your patio door lock solutions.