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Locksmiths Market HarboroughAre you stuck at work or home after being locked out? Have you left your keys on the wrong side of the door? And do you need an incredible quality expert that offers a great service at fantastic prices? Then call Locksmiths Market Harborough today!
No matter what the issue with your locks or keys, at Locksmiths Market Harborough we’ve got the knowhow and the tools for ANY job, no matter what the size
Most people take whatever quote comes their way in an emergency, so with some companies you could end up paying through your nose for a call out! At Locksmiths Market Harborough, we’re different. Available 24 hours a day, you can call on us any time, and we NEVER charge for call outs.
Locksmiths Market Harborough offer unrivalled quality workmanship at unbeatable prices. You need never look for another professional again!Whether it’s a break in, a broken key or simply a security update, We are the ones to call. There’s no job we can’t handle. Locksmiths near Market Harborough can help, and Leicester locksmiths is a name you can trust. With our round-the-clock, outstanding quality service you can rest assured we will always be there when you need us.
What’s more, if you’re local we get to you within the hour!

Worried about the current security in your home? Call us now for a full service, replacement and/or repair, with our state of the art, anti-snap locks. We’ve never had a customer who felt let down or disappointed by our service, check out this excellent review from a recent customer!
“When I locked myself out of the house, not only was I worried about my possessions inside, but it was very embarrassing! I live next to a busy main road, and when it first happened people were walking by, seeing me stuck outside and asking if I was OK. One woman told me about Locksmiths Market Harborough’s excellent service, so I gave them a call.

“I’m so glad I did. The technician was here quicker than I’d expected and he got me back into my home in no time. He even cut me another key and said to keep it with me, just in case!“He was so professional, and I felt completely at ease with him. His workmanship was fantastic and as for the price- unbelievable!
“Locksmiths Market Harborough saved my skin that day- I’d recommend them to anyone!”

On Site Key Cutting with Locksmiths Market Harborough speedy specialist cutters

We are prepared for any situation, and you may be surprised to hear that key cutting is now something that, with the latest techniques, something that can be done on site. Keeping up to the best standards in the industry we want to be able to provide our customers the best service possible, and in the busy lifestyles that most people live these days things need to be carried out in rapid manner. All the call out vehicles from Locksmiths Market Harborough carries the latest in key cutting technology, and can perform precision key cutting at any location. In stock we have a large variety of models of keys that can cater to most common household keys, meaning we can be of service when there is little time and much need.

If you do however have an unusual key, this can be cut at the Locksmiths Market Harborough store, so if you visit with your enquiry we’ll be sure to help you out. We also understand the personal value that keys have to people and the Locksmiths Market Harborough locals also provides a number of different colour keys and key rings. Not only does it add a little spice to your key ring, but it makes them easier to find in your bag or pocket. Of course you don’t want anything over cumbering, but it has proven harder to lose a big key ring than a small key on its own. So if you have any questions please get in touch with Locksmiths Market Harborough today!