Should I have a keyless entry lock installed?

With all the electronic ways of entry around these days. It’s no wonder there are people investigating the possibility of getting a keyless entry system for their house when considering cost. It’s convenient, as there is no annoying need to look for your keys. Fobs, cards and other electronically responsive key-items often have a large enough range to open the lock without having to brought out of the bag.

Should I get a keyless entry systemOpposed to common belief many keyless entry systems are more physically secure than a regular lock. They are difficult to break and impossible to pick, since there is nothing to be picked.

If a fingerprint variety is chosen entrance can be made virtually impossible for anyone who should not have access.

There are of course pros and cons of using a digital lock. With the systems being young in development not all weaknesses have surfaced yet. Many products are also without backup power which poses a security risk.

It’s great to be able to use your smartphone to open your door, but what if you lose that? An even more common occurrence than lost keys.

The cost of a keyless entry system of calibre can run rather high and often requires professional installation. Anything between a hundred to a thousand pounds to have the system up and running can be expected. But if you have it, if you are ready to join the new and more modern age of technology. Then we say go for it. You can get in touch with us if you have any questions or are considering a keyless entry system for your home or business. We leave you with this thought: Do you like the idea of a keyless high security system? If so, look into it, it may be something that suits you perfectly.

Low cost for your keys

 cost yale lockNeeding to get spare or extra key cut is something that can be a frustrating task on that forever growing and seemingly endless to do list. This is why the locksmiths Leicester are proud to offer a quick and affordable key cutting service which will guarantee your high quality keys that will last you in the long run no matter what the purpose of the key is. Every day use, or just as a spare key to keep with a trusted and relied upon neighbour in case you lose your own, it doesn’t matter! Here the crew is proud to say that we put quality and precision at the top of priority when it comes to key cutting and cost is a factor.

The key cutting service is an experienced one, choosing only the highest quality of materials and using precision cutting tools and machines for the job. Which just leaves you without worry and able to trust your keys, no matter the weather.

All the workers is of course highly trained, and have practiced performance key cutting of all common types for many years, and with the greatest feedback from customers, we are proud to say that customer satisfaction is high. So please come to a trusted and skilled key cutting service provider with all your key cutting needs and requirements. Of course the staff here is always happy to help, and answering any key cutting, lock or security questions, hoping to bring clarity to you in areas where you may have concerns. If you are in need of having a custom key cut, you can also speak to the, special key cutting is available with a few days turnaround, so call and discuss your needs today!

Window lock repair

what lock for what door, ask a expertDifferent doors and different situations require different things in their ideal set up. This is a point which the crew here are intimately in tune with, and we have learned through our years in the industry and in practice with people which solutions are suiting for which doors.

As you may have crossed your mind there are a wide range of different door types, doors with glass, window lock repair doors in different materials, such as wood, UPVC, or even some metal doors, of different sizes and security standards. There’s front doors, back doors, garage doors and garden structure doors. Each door type will have unique specific ideal lock solutions, and to find the best lock for your door.

Call at any time to speak to your door lock specialists, and find the expertise and advice you need at any time, you can book in for a lock inspection in which we will have a look at all your current locks and ensure that they are up to the correct standards.

All your window lock repair and door lock repair questions will be answered if you come to the team here and should you be looking for a customised lock solutions that is something we can assist you with as well. Call now to find the best way to secure your home or business though the right locks and the right security features. Here the lads are invested in your security and treats each job as a delicate matter, getting our full attention, regardless of its nature or size.

Key services

great integrated home security solutions with our teamToday there are many different ways to bring about a more secure situation for yourself in you home environment, and if thoughts and ideas on the topic is current for you feel free to get in touch with the boys here. Knowing the market, knowing security and caring for customers, this specialist men will be able to aid you in your way to find the solution that is both right for you and to your key services preference.

You may be familiar, or at least have encountered information with regards to integrated systems for homeowners, and if this is something that you are looking at, you can speak to someone who is up to date simply by give us a call at any time.

There are a long row of great reasons to aim for high efficiency from a security point of view, and many systems today offer great features which allows you not only to be notified directly should something be triggered our out of the ordinary at your residence but also come with a long range of functionality. Remote activation and de-activation of alarm features, access to surveillance through internet access and smart device use and much more. There are many options available, and your  experts are happy to aid you in your search for the perfect match. Services provided are always at competitive rates and flexible in working hours.

On top of that, it goes without saying that all our products and services are top quality, relevant to current threats and are there with the sole purpose of keeping your home protected and your mind restful at ease without worries on security issues. Get in touch with your  now to find out more.

Lock Installation

your caring team for all your key needs close upIt is a dream of the workmen here to be able to provide all customers with the security they need be as safe from harm and risk as possible, both when they are at home or at work. With this attentive and enthusiastic  you will never have to worry about your home, business or office security again.

Services are available and flexible in hours, and of with having been in the industry for a long time this has learned both how to keep with the market and how to find the best high quality deals for you. How to build custom security solutions no matter what property we are presented with.

Calling your  today to give your business or your home a security look over, ensuring that nothing has been missed, and upgrading anything that may be requiring is an easy job when getting in touch with a work force who knows what they are doing. For those out there whose first meeting it is with the idea of home or business security, feel free to call your  for a long and hopefully enlightening conversation with the experts here today.

If you have questions, if you have general worries or any other issue that is in need of attendance. Don’t hold your horses, call the caring today, a bunch who is always on your side and how always sees and understands your point of view very well.

No matter what you are after, small upgrade, new installation or perhaps you are requiring assistance with a faulty lock or outdoor security. This dedicated and proud have been here to help people for many years in the past, and that is how we aim to follow into the future, aiming for long lasting great customer relationships with the deepest understanding of our customers and our customer’s needs.

Your trusted long running

your long running lovely teamWith many years spent in the industry of security and the business of helping people with services to keep their homes securely locked and their businesses safe from financial catastrophe. This trusted and highly recommended long running professional group are still keeping things excellent all the way.
Regardless of what your situation is and what it is that you require assistance with, the trained and skilled is here to find the solution. The flexible work women and men is able to handle a wide varieties of jobs done to spec or providing the advice and recommendations needed.

In short, speak with your lovely today to find out how you can secure your home or business in the best possible way with a service who has been around for many years, and who knows all the factors which are part of a good security situation.
By speaking to A security expert today you will no doubt come away with a better grasp of your security as well as some good steps and guide lines of where to go with things next. Quoting is something that the girls and boys here does competitively, and with only the highest quality of products for both repair and installation, you can be guaranteed the best possible job done.

Going with this  is a choice you only need to make once, always aiming for long lasting customer relationships, built on great service, great products, great customer care and of course great workmanship. Call at any time with your inquiry.

Easy and fast lock and security installations with your

 new lock installations of all sortsSpeed is something which the staff here understands the need for, this of course not meaning that there is any diminishing effect on the quality of work and service. The secret to the long running flawless track record kept by the crew here is simply hard work and genuine care. It may not sound much of a secret, but keeping up training and ensuring that your  is available for you to call on 24 hours a day is not easy. And the only way which it can be done is though dedication and care. With dedication and care comes the diligent training which the guys and girls are always on, placing only the latest, tested and guaranteed products in service of your protection.
So should you get in touch with your to get up to date, have your protection against current and immanent threats out there put up, you can rest assured that you will get the finest products and installation work around. The work members are picked on their proficiency, tirelessness and attention to detail, understanding that your security and safety is in their hands. Flawless installation work is done quickly and to the highest standards, but not the highest prices! Your is always competitive with pricing to give customers the best on all fronts, including value for money. For your lock change and security installation requirements, get in touch with a trained and dedicated professional today, who cares for your security as if it was his or her own, never taking a job lightly, always paying the greatest attention to detail. Call at any time!

Individual and personal service from your

 providing personal serviceIn the day and age we live in today, it’s is increasingly hard to find a traditional service which holds value, quality and long customer relations ships including personal service and genuine care. But no need to fret, there are still someone out there who will fulfil your requirements in the most caring and dedicated way.

Getting in touch with this locally focused service, who gives the greatest weight to the importance of keeping homes and small businesses safe and secure is simple, and with a simple phone call you can be on your way to ensuring that your home, your family and your business is protected to the highest standard.
And of course all security products which may be required are installed with the greatest of care and the highest attention to detail. This is how your ensures that the integrity of your security system at home is kept.

There are many affordable solutions for home owners today, and together with you the will ensure that you get what is right for your specific needs and specifications. Your believes that adding security at home or at work is not something that should be a hassle, but it is something which should be there to help you feel secure, as well as of course provide you with physical protection against attack and minimise the risk you face for theft and financial disaster. Of course all your day to day needs are filled here as well by our team. If you have anything which you are wondering, with regards to keys, locks or security, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

A layered home security approach

keep good layered home security with your safety providerInvestigating the best home security system for you is something that our traders have been invested in since long. Always looking to create the perfect security situation for what we are currently presented with, have lead us to thinking both inside of the box, with the new technologies and inspirations of the industry market, as well as thinking outside of the box, looking at what makes each security situation unique, though risk factors and potential strengths to be kept in mind as one looks at the situation as a whole. We know it’s very difficult to pin point what makes a good security scene, simple as each property comes with its own set of parameters.

Our experts are in the area, and in knowing what is generic and good in any given situation as well as being able to apply custom security features which adds benefit, as well as keeping away from extraneous and costly features which have little or no effect.

Give us a call today to learn about your own security situation and how you can help build the layers of security up from the basic generic features such as your locks, keys, security system and habits, to small additions which will act as deterring factors to repel any interested burglar’s eyes. We have the experience to evaluate your home or business area and spot security risk as well as help you provide proper protection in detail.

Your home and business security experts are available on our number at any time and if you get in touch with your questions and concerns, the experts here will help you find what is right for you and your locks, alarms and security features at home or at work.

Your established and well recommended experts at your service

your trusted and experienced expertsOur highest priority as a group and as individuals who values the tradition of great workmanship in the UK, is of course you as the customers. Your needs come first, and with the nature of the trade we understands the need for us to be available at the times when people need it. Being stuck out in the rain at this time in of the year can not only prove an inconvenience, but it can also pose a direct health risk. Especially if the person locked out is under pressure and experiencing stress. Our 24 hour emergency line is open to receive your call at any time.
Having helped customers, individuals, families and security aware neighbours to greater security solutions for many years the staff here knows what makes a good security situation at home. It is not without base that our standing with the community has grown to a considerable one with the years. If you have any questions with regards to anything you may require the assistance of a professional to help you with. Don’t hesitate to get in touch when it suits you next. Here we await your call and answer your questions gladly. It is our pleasure to help someone with their security needs, and if you get in touch we can help you to a situation which will allow you, as well as us, to sleep better knowing that the neighbourhood is kept in a better and more secure way. Home security and being able to provide a traditional, yet cost efficiency for you is our goal. Speak with the experts here to ensure that you are up to date with the latest today.

Providing Efficient Services.

We can get you into your home within half an hour of calling us. So whether you have left your keys inside your home or you believe that someone you do not want to have access to your home, we can quickly and efficiently change your locks giving you a new set of keys and peace of mind.

With well trained experts with years of experience working to provide security solutions for their customers. High levels of pedestrian access often correlates with high levels of break ins. So installing locks on gates and having higher fences can help but other things that can prevent break ins are neighbourhood watch schemes and security cameras installed in all visible entrances. We also have customer first heart years of experience dealing with security surveys so they can visit your home and quickly identify any weak points of security you may have, this could be not locking smaller windows before going to be or not having functioning locks of said windows. They can offer sound security advice for work that can usually be done on the day.

Keep safe this winter holiday with our advice

One of the high seasons of the year for burglars and thieves are incoming, and it’s easy to understand that at a time where homes are filling up with the latest gadgets and presents all around the country, it’s also a very active time for those who are after a quick couple of pounds. This is why we are here to ensure that we bring you the awareness, the right practices and perhaps the right security upgrade to ensure that your home and your happiness is kept during this wonderful time of the year which is for celebration, and not for despair worries and sorting unwanted traumas. And that not even to mention the financial implications such a disaster may have on your situation and circumstance.
 keys and a safe home
What we suggest is that you get in touch with us today, and speak to someone who has your best interests at heart today. With this you will be able to keep safe and secure this winter. Should you be planning a winter away, perhaps you are going to visit friends and family who live out of town, or even out of country. There is even more reason to ensure that you speak to our knowledgeable team today, simply as an empty house at this time of year posts a very attractive target for a thief. Making sure that you have the right, effective methods of protection installed at your home is of vital importance. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and make this winter holiday season, a happy one!

Place your keys where you know you’ll find them!

 keys on floorA great tip to keep track of your keys, is to try and always place them in spots where you know you will look should you ever lose them. There are some things that are good to keep in mind when it comes to places to avoid putting your keys though. Making sure that your keys are kept safe is one of the main priorities in making good habits for where you place your keys. And what we would like to suggest is to ensure that you keep your keys out of sight, and away from hands unwelcome. In other words, by removing keys from easy access places means that hands which are not authorised will not get a chance to pick them up, So in your home, ensure that they places where you choose to store your keys is somewhere away from windows, and out of sight from the outside of your home, and although key hooks may be a great way to know where they are, what we suggest is to keep them in on a hook in a cupboard, or perhaps in a drawer.

The other great thing about keeping your keys hidden, is of course that it removes temptation for unwelcome eyes as well. There are plenty of products out there which are dedicated for your keys, however, we would also make suggestions which doesn’t have to cost you anything. For instance g a screw, or a little hook inside of your wardrobe or perhaps glove drawer, is without cost and with great security, as well as a very good habit. Seeing how you might find your keys there close to every time you are unsure of where they may be.

Secure all your entry points with a professional who knows how

ensure your entry points are secure with usYou may have heard from friends, family or by way of roomer, of someone or some situation where there has been a home intrusion or a home invasion. Of course word of mouth spreads as wild fire, however this not to say that they are not based in something. This is the reason to why we’re is keen to advice you, as someone who keeps up with news and reports of occurrences of this sort, that there is ample reason to ensure that you have your points of entry covered at home.
The risk climate today is on the rise, there is no doubt about it, and with many small fortunes kept in homes today, such as electronics, mobile phones, computers and much more, we know that security is something at least worth some thought from each home owner. If you get in touch, we can help you in understanding your home security situation, and with some few simple modifications and installations, you can greatly decrease the risk of your home becoming victim to a break in and theft. With a our team who know how to protect your entry points to your home effectively, as well as is well informed on strong deterrents and price worthy home security products, you can rest assured that your home is at minimum risk, with minimum cost.
One of our pillars of practice is to ensure that home security is available, affordable and easy to get for all those in need. If you call today you can find out how to best keep your home and your entry points secure at a price which is small when you consider the value of the content of your house.

Ensure your indemnity with our specialists

 up to date modern lock technologyIn current times there are many threats out there to consider when it comes to the security of you home and your family. Should you be one who is prepared and always forward thinking, you may have already taken out some security for your home and your financials in the form of a home insurance. What your we would like to bring to your attention is the importance of keeping it valid. You can get in touch with an expert on security and locks simply by dialling our number, and with a lock and security check performed at your home you will also be able to ensure that your homes security standards are in line with what is stated on your insurance policy.

It is not without reason that our experts bring this up, as in our own long history of helping home owners to a better security situation, we have seen a long row of cases where private owners have been stung by their insurance companies, due to their locks being out of date. Making sure that you have what you need is simple, quick and easy with our team who are well practiced and proficient in everything from evaluation to installation.
Saying all that however, the most important thing is of course the physical safety of you and your family, and by ensuring that your security is up to date at home you will better keep yourself and those you love out of harms way. Get in touch, and book in for a security inspection, a consultation or any lock replacement that you may need for your doors and windows today, we guarantee swift service and the highest quality of products and workmanship. All up to date with current security standards.

A security solution that suits you

 security to suitHaving a security solution for your home which is made for your particular home is simply a must to an experienced member of our team, like the one you can find should you dial our number. Should you book in for an expert security survey with one of the friendly and experienced experts here, you’ll find out just exactly what your property may need when it comes to improvement of your safety and security at home. Of course we know just how important it is to take the user perspective of security solution we install is, which is why we treat each job and each property as if it was our own. When it comes to home security, you can trust us to provide you the best of what we have learned though our many years of service.
If there are questions popping up in your mind or if there is anything that you are unsure of, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our caring team, here we are always happy to help answer any questions, and lend you a hand to find the best solution for you.
If you have a set up in mind, and you are just in need of help with installation, this is something that our flexible team can help you with at a time that suits your day plan. Here we are dedicated to service and security, ask anyone who has made use of our services in the past, and please get in touch now to find out the best way to bring your security situation forward and up to standard!

Security bars and small shop protection

 security gates for small businessesA point which the staff here greatly understands is the need for security in the small industry and business world. Here the time and energy invested is often down to a very personal level, and small companies and family run businesses are at high risk. Our team understands just how devastating a stroke of bad luck can be for your small business, and are happy to offer advice and competitive prices on our security installation for those who have chosen to dedicate their time to something they love. Our understanding for small business security comes much from our own experiences, and security should always be a top priority to ensure that your investments are kept in a safe way.
If you have any questions or concerns please speak to our small shop and business security expert, and find out how we can help you keep protected from the potentially devastating effects of a break in or destruction or theft of stock.

Everything for up to date security alarm systems, security bars, and monitoring systems can be found with our service, and providing you with a competitive price is a must for us. We firmly believe that security for the time, energy and investments that is put into any business or start up is something which should be available and affordable. And in speaking with our team, you’ll be able to find out what is applicable for you, not only in security products but also in what to keep in mind when it comes to your specific risk areas. There is no reason to wait when it comes to keeping your investments safe, give us a call today, and ensure that you have proper protection at your premises today!

Services, Products and Customer Care without a like

With us you will never be disappointed. Here the dedication help by the highly trained lads members is surpassed by none. The high standard of services, products and customer care comes of course from the genuine care that is held for your security and safety. Ensuring that your home or your business premises is kept under the best conditions possible is something that we have become experts at throughout the years. Caring for customers is something that comes natural to a girls and lads who values traditional practices and workmanship of the highest standard. We take pride in the work that we do, as well as the availability we keep. You can give us a call at any time should you have an emergency scenario on your hands, with ready vehicles, packed with the tools and spare parts required for resolving lockout situations quick and stress free, help will be at your side sooner than you could imagine. With our number in mind, you will never be left out in the rain.
Products are ensured to the highest industry standards, and with continuous monitoring of the industry market, we bring nothing but the best to you. Of course with guaranteed precision installation any job done that you require will last and stand the test of time.
The wide range of services provided of course also comes with the great after care which any service provider of standard provides, and if there are any issues or anything additional that you required our men is happy to take your call. No matter what type of need you have, from key cutting, to lock and security installations, you can rest assured that we will be there for you when you need it, get in touch today and find out for yourself where the base for our good reputation is kept.

Established and experienced service

 expereienced serviceMaking sure that your security, and the security products that you are in need of is of the highest standard is our highest priority. We can with confidence provide what many consider the best quality service in the area, and we have the years of experience and the merit to confirm that claim. For us, your security is key, and of course providing you with the day to day service needs that you have, quick, easy and convenient is something that comes natural to us. Those who come to us, stay with us. And with a full range of services, covering everything from key cutting, to lock repairs and installation, security system maintenance, advice and installation, you’ll never need another service number.

Being able to provide security which is relevant to each individual customer and the needs of them as well as their property, is something that you can trust us to get right every time. Always learning, and always with the market, we can guarantee that whatever you need, is available when you need it. Our highly recommended 24 hour lockout service is testament to our dedication, and should you ever need us, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll help you get back into your house as fast as possible. There will always be an answer on the line regardless of time. Providing a reliable and trustworthy service is something that we put great effort into, and with pride, based on merit we can say that we manage to do so. Ensuring you have our number saved, will ensure that you always have the service you need just a phone call away.

Close Windows and Lock Doors habit, a priceless home security investment

 window lockSomething that we rank as one of our top tips for your home security is that of habit. Getting into the habit of locking your doors and your windows every time you leave is something that may sound obvious, however it’s not an uncommon scenario that people have been victim of theft or intrusion in their home due to forgetting such a thing.

Any reliable specialist would understand that it’s something which easily happens, forgetting a window unlocked when you are in a hurry is something that just happens, however what we are trying to convey here is the importance of closing doors and windows not only when you leave you house, but when you leave the room in which you are in. This is of course something that you would expect to hear from a professional, however we hope you take to heart, as it will help you keep yourself, your family and your possessions safe from wandering hands.

If you need one of our experts to come and survey your property you can always give us a call and book in. Our workmen is flexible and can come at a time convenient to your hours, it won’t take long, and when done you will have a better understanding of your own security situation and needs. In which you’ll be able to keep a safer home at a reasonable cost. So please feel free to get in touch with us to book your security survey today!

We’re always in tune with an ever evolving industry market

 up to dateDifferent people have different passions, things which they burn for and that they will put much dedication and work into. Here of course that passion is dedicated to your home or business security needs. One of the main elements of security today is to make sure that the right products are brought to the right customer. And of course, our team will also always aim to make sure that the products and services are always delivered at a competitive price, and with full understanding of the customer.lockout

So should you have any worries or questions when thinking about the security that you have, at home or at work, and would like for an experienced  provider to help give you advice on the current security news, including how you can best be protected against current threats out there. Then you can always get in touch, and you can be sure that you will find one of our experts who is interested and passionate about your home security, and understanding of the importance of always being up to date with what current risks customers may face in their work or home environment. With great dedication the best products and services will always be provided for the customers which are highly cared for by us who places great priority on making sure that the security measures put in place will always be of the highest standards.

Of course if you get in touch, all your security related questions will also find answers just as any concerns that you may have will be laid to rest. So don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’re always on the ball, and always looking for the best possible solutions for customers.

Finding a Fast Fix From our Lockout service

 classic kayIt’s no secret that living today, often means living at a high tempo and in a busy manner. And with a quick intuitive lifestyle, convenience also comes into play. If you land in an emergency lock out scenario and need our emergency lockout service, please give us a call. Our tradesmen have great understanding of the challenges of many lifestyles of today, and we know that a kink in the plans can be a greatly stressful situation, and will always be sure to arrive at sight as quick as possible.

If you give us a call when you are in need, you will be sure to reach our lockout service which guarantees access for any type of lockout scenario you can imagine, and on top of that we make sure that you find the fix to your issue fast. So in order to not waste time, please feel free to get in touch, at any time. And we’ll send one of our experienced experts out pronto, and you can expect a resolution shortly.

And being a Lockout service who promotes prevention as well as solutions, we would also recommend you to get a spare key cut with us, and make sure that you keep it in reachable distance from your home with someone who you trust.

Security Gadgets are not Security Systems!

 home security gadgetThere is a constant gadget craze which started with the technological revolution, and the development in all industries can be seen taking massive forward steps in every area.  We also see this within the industry of security, at home or at work. However, this is something that we would like to bring up, especially for the home owners out there, who are concerned for their own home security, as well as perhaps into some gadgetry.

What we always make as clear as possible, which we also would like to place a reminder to here and now. Is the very important fact to remember, which is never mistaking a home security gadget for a home security system. What we mean by this is simply that most security gadgets on the market today made for home owners, are simply not a security system in their own right, meaning that they should not be used or trusted as such either.

If you are in need of an experienced expert, please feel free to get in touch and book in for a security consultation, in which you can find the best and most suiting type of security system for your situation. At this time you will of course also be able to get tips and advice on what type of security gadgets which would be suiting to you.
All this of course not stating that home security gadgets are not a great addition to your system, which will make your home better protected, as well as in many cases more interactive, and often with capabilities of monitoring though smart devices and such. So we highly recommend many home security gadgets, however to be sure that you are properly protected, please make sure that you speak to a experienced professional first.

Our 24 hour services are here to help

 24 hour serviceWhen it comes to all things keys, locks and security, our boys come highly recommended. If you find yourself in a lockout situation and  in need of any of our experts, please feel free to call us at any time. With 24 hour availability our phones are never unmanned, and in those horrible emergency situations where all things seemingly go wrong at the same time, we can help resolve your situation.

In our history we have many cases where people have found themselves being rescued by our emergency lockout service. When this type of scenario strikes you, there is no need for worry, just make sure that you keep us in mind and give us a ring. We’ll help you resolve your stressful scenario in no time at all, and your life can again continue as you have planned.

our vanNo one likes nasty surprises, especially those who put a kink in your every day schedule and planning like a lockout. Make sure that you save our number for a quick emergency lockout service and safe yourself a mountain of trouble.

High quality keys reduce risk

As any good provider would, we provide only the highest standards of quality in the products we use. This of course is also true for the spare keys we cut, and with using trusted brands in hardened metals we are able to provide a flawless key cutting service. So if you are in need of getting spare keys cut, please let us know!

There is great importance in making sure that your spare keys, especially if they are used regularly by for instance another member of the family, are of good quality. A strong key cut to perfection will not only provide you with a smooth opening and locking of your door, but also ensure that there is minimal wear and tear on the lock mechanism itself, simply making sure it lasts longer.

On top of that, with a strong key you minimize the risk of getting the key broken in the lock, and in cases of low quality keys getting broken inside of the lock. There is also a big risk of the lock being damaged, and at times it’s also rendered not usable or safe after removal or repair. So to make sure that you get the best key cutting service available, please feel free to get in touch with us today!

Keysafe – a product we recommended

 key safeSomething that we advice heavily against is to hide keys outdoors. The burglars of today know where to look, and there is a chance that an original ideal is not original enough, or discovered by chance. Our security expert would rather recommend to you a new product on the market. Namely that of a key safe, however we do think that that is for temporary use only, and the primary recommendation that we would make as a respected and recommended provider is to leave the spare key with a neighbour who you trust.

However if circumstances should require it, temporarily placing a key in a hidden key safe which is locked with a code can be a good handy and practical solution which carries far less security risk than leaving a key out in the open.

On top of that, a little extra safety like this for practicality is not something that will cost you an arm and a leg, but something that is easy to install, and easy to use should it be needed. If you are in need of security advice and security installations, please get in touch with the labourers here. We are dedicated to find the best for our customers.

New and efficient bulb timer technology

 learning bulbsThere are many new gadgets and security products out every year which can at a cheap price help you greatly improve on your own home security. In the past, we have spoken about timers, and the great security benefit your home can gain just though a simply purchase as a few light timers. What we now would like to draw your attention towards is a products, which is similar, however works automatically for your convenience, as well as learns your light habits, making this timber bulb a great help for your home security.

Rather than having to buy multiple timers and set them around the house, with these light bulbs there is no programming needed, and without any need for installation – it plugs in as any normal bulb does.

And with a bulb that takes your particular light habits into account, we see that the simulation of someone being in the house, becomes as close to realistic as possible. If you have any questions about this new type of light bulb, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

Mock CCTV cameras, a great deterrence tip

 mock cctvOne of the top things you can do, looking from a security point of view, is to get a home monitoring and alarm system installed, and should if this is something you are considering. Please feel free to get in touch and speak to the us today. However, we also understand that there are budget restrictions, and a home monitoring system may seem like a step to far over the budget.

If this is the case for your, we recommend getting a mocks CCTV system installed. Simply meaning getting one of the many high quality chassis and realistic CCTV camera replicas that are available out there, and since they don’t need to be connected they are easy to install. The mere presence of a CCTV camera is one of the most efficient deterring factors in home security, and from the potential burglars shoes the choice of target will in the vast majority of the times be a home which has no CCTV cameras at all installed.

Gadgets are Great, but never to replace a Proper Home security System!

 home security gadgetWe’ve been in the business for countless numbers of years, always and continuously following the updates and the developments, both in technology and design, we know that it’s a wonderful world of change and rapid advance. The security gadget industry has boomed, and there are now countless of home security gadgets which you can hook up to your phone, your smart devices and much more! However, what we would like to bring up, is that although many of these products are great and acts to help your home security situation in strong ways, there are also many gadgets. Which are just that, gadgets, something which can help your security, but from our view, not replace it.

So ensure that your home security is not only reliant on gadgets, but get in touch with a trusted mem who can help you with the fundamental basis of what makes a secure home. The tradeswomen and men here reviews and recommends many products, however to ensure that your safe and secure at home we highly recommend that you have security inspection where we can identify the weak point of your current security situation, and put the measures in need to provide the protect you need. So if you have yet to have your home inspected by a security professional, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a our security surveyor today, and make sure that you have what is recommended to keep the highest level of security standards at your home today. Of course you can call us with any of your security questions and concerns at any time as well, the friendly bunch is always here, ready to help when you need it.

Key Code Entry

 key code lockFor many the thought of no longer having to carry keys for your home is appealing, and with the products and technologies available on the market today there is a possibility to make this somewhat futuristic idea possible. However, before you take this step into the future there are a few things which the team would like to bring to your attention.

There are many key less solutions available which are high security and great for many reasons. For example digital code locks and remote open and lock facilities though a control or even your own mobile device. The biggest risk that experts agree you would be facing if you choose a key less option are things like someone guessing your entry code. Although this is not likely if the pin chosen is not of a relatable nature, for instance birth days etc. In case of emergency where access to the home may be required quickly it can be difficult to not fumble with the key pad, let alone remembering the code in a pressured scenario may prove difficult. Lastly, we would like to bring up the issue which could occur during a power outage, many systems come with own power backup however it’s not as secure as having mechanical lock installed.

The biggest drawback that we see with key less locks however is that of the current cost of the systems offered, and unless you have the extra funds to spare, we would recommend spending the extra on a good home alarm system or perhaps outdoors security. If you need any help or advice on what may be useful for you home security please feel free to get in touch with the team at your nearest convenience.

Invest in a security safe

 security safeIt may seem to some as going a little overboard, however having a little safe in your home to fit the most valuable things you keep at home in is something that will not only prevent great financial loss, but potentially will also save you a lot of hassle and troubles.

Our team knows what it means looking your wallet which contains many vital items which you use on a daily basis. If you then on top of the difficulty of being without them, there is also the difficulty of replacing for instance your driving license. And perhaps having to make sure your bank cards are blocked from usage and whatever else there may be.

The helpers here can help you pick what might be suited to your needs, and advice you on how you best make use of a safe at home.

Awareness and Defense against ‘Snapping’

 snap attackThe break in technique known as ‘snapping’ is something that has become increasingly used over the last few years. Although we do not aim to scare anyone, raising awareness and making sure people are protected against this type of attack is something we value highly. Installing a new lock on your doors is quick and with us you can be sure that you are protected against ‘snapping’.

The reason that this snapping technique has become so widespread must be down to the simplicity of the tools which are needed for it. All that is needed are a couple of things which you can find in many regular home’s tool box. Which is also why we believe people are currently vulnerable to a snap attack and with the Christmas holidays incoming it’s ample time to make sure that your home is well protected. This even more applicable if you are planning to spend the holidays away leaving your home without supervision for a longer period of time.

Timers for your indoors lights

It’s important at the time with the Christmas holiday on the door step to give a thought to the security of your home. This especially since there will be many homes left unattended over the holiday. Of course, we are also understanding of the importance of being able to spend this precious time with your family and friends in a calm and relaxed manner. Not only so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday, but also so that you can be sure to start the incoming new year, in a good way without any unwanted surprises.

 light timerThere are a couple of things which we recommend to anybody planning to spend any time away from their house this winter. The first thing is to get a couple of timers for the lights inside your house. This way you can simulate someone being at home, and deter many opportunistic burglars from choosing your house as a target. For us, this is something which comes at a relative low cost for the protection it provides, and it’s something that you can pick up from a wide variety of retailers.

Of course, we can help you should you wish to get an alarm or security system installed, and on top of that we can help you make sure it’s all up and running before you are going away over Christmas. Please feel free to get in touch with us today and speak about your security concerns, and we’ll help put your mind at ease.

Connectivity and CCTV

 cctvAn inquiry that is becoming more and more common is with regards to CCTV monitoring systems for home owners. So we thought it would be a good idea to give you some information on a couple of the things you might run into in your own search.

We provide many different types of CCTV systems that are suitable for different scenarios, different security needs, practicality and budget. One of the questions you will run into is what type of system connectivity that you would like to make use of. What we reccomend for the highest quality image, and the best chance you will have to get details and information should a possible incident take place is the wired type. With a solid wire there is generally very little loss of quality in sending the signals down the line.

However of course we also see that it can prove very unpractical for some scenarios, if there are aesthetic implications of getting cables ran along the walls, say for instance indoors where the wireless signal will be strong, the little difference in quality of your image comes second to the cost and installation involved in running a cable from one device to the other. If there are bigger distances to cover, we would recommend a wired cable though, as the wireless signal may be very weak or may not even reach to provide you with a clear image. Best thing of course is to get in touch with us and you’ll be able to get better advice more specific to your individual situation.

Lock doors and windows

 locking doorsWe speak much about home and business security, as well as give advice on how you can better protect yourself at home using just small measures.Things like promoting good habits, making sure to always lock the door regardless if you are in the house or not. Of course we recommend doing the same for windows, as in making a habit of always close the window when you leave. So we would like to give out small warning. Not to alarm you, but just to make you aware of the fact that many windows, even on the second floor or third floor are at risk, especially if there are higher structures nearby.

This is the reason why we recommend to always think, and we find it’s a good idea to make the action of closing windows and doors when not present a habit. If you are in the house, it’s not always easy to hear what is going on, there are many miscellaneous sounds in which someone quiet could take cover, and if there is a door or window open already, well then of course it’s easy access.  It only takes 10 seconds, to swipe a phone off the kitchen bench and be gone before you know it. So make sure that you lock your windows and doors, and should you find yourself in need of any of our services, get in touch with us today!

Place yourself in the shoes of a potential burglar

 burglarOne of the most efficient ways to identify security threats when it comes to your own home security, is simply to, of course in a purely hypothetical form, put yourself in the shoes of a burglar. For our team, we see this as a simple method of thinking, which can be greatly helpful in identifying and better protect yourself against a home intrusion. We see that this is just as simple as it sounds, if you have a spare half an hour of your day, take a look around the outside of your building, and think about how you would go about breaking in – it’s just a hypothetical to help you find where you may need better protection.

Something that we also sees as useful when doing this is perhaps bringing a notepad, and perhaps make sure to take another quick round outside when it’s night time, this will help you find the dark spots which may need a little light, especially in this season where it the sun down is early and the sun up is late. Of course with our team, you can have a professional security inspection done by trained professionals, who have seen many different scenarios as will be able to identify things which you may miss. If you are interested in making sure that you are up to date with your security, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly helpers members today and arrange for a good time.

What makes a good keyless electronic lock?

 good and bad with keyless entrySomething that is becoming more and more available and accessible is the electronic lock and security solutions that are hitting the market at a fast pace. We see that electronic locks is nothing new, and has been used in the commercial industry for a long period of time, just uncommon for the home user. However with new technologies and the industry moving quickly, we see things like electronic locks that are controllable from your smart phone, electronic key fobs and even finger print identification can be found available to the average home owner. Should you be interested in any of these new technologies and would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff. We are always ready and happy to help, but before that we would like to give you some information.

There are of course many advantages to having an electronic lock. Firstly of course there is often no need for a key, and if you have a key fob, just it being in your bag would often be enough to open your door. Electronic locking mechanisms are in no way weaker than any other regular lock, this all has to do with what type and model of course, but they are in no particular way better from a security perspective. If you are thinking about getting an electronic lock, make sure that it is one that has back up power as to not be effected should there be a power outage, but if there are any questions, please feel free to give us a call today.

Home security bars tips

 security barsShould you be after a simple, low-tech and relatively quite cheap method of keeping things as secure as they can and should be kept. We would like to give some advice on a couple of questions which may be good to ask yourself in order to find out if anti burglar bars are the right thing for you.

Firstly, what type of burglar rate is there in your area, and has there been an increase lately in the number of incidents? Should you see a risk, we can help advice you on installation. As to the placement, you might want to ask yourself if you have any outside areas which are not visible from the street or commonly from inside the house.

Our team knows  that not everyone works the same hours, and live their lives according to the same routine, which is why we see it as good to keep aware of the people who you live in close proximity with. And if there are many times where you are all out of the house simultaneously, it’s a good idea to consider getting security bars installed. However, the last question  is whether you are comfortable with the look of security bars if seen from the street or garden.

Awareness of risk

 risk awarenessOn the subject of home or business security, we have big pool of knowledge which we have gained though the years of working in the industry, and working with people. Each scenario and home is different of course – we always work with what is specific to each property and each security situation that we are faced with. This also of course taking into account the individual or company in question’s requirements and needs.

Even so, there are some things which we see that is beneficial for most scenarios, and many things which are easy to apply or keep in mind when thinking of your own security situation, regardless of if it is for your home or for your business. So here comes the current best tip to security we have to offer.

Being aware of what you have, where you have it and monitoring the space. By this we mean simply to store your most valuable things at the most appropriate place from a security point of view. A common example is for instance storing your brand new hammer drill in garage behind a less secure lock than say for instance the lock on the door to your house. In scenarios like this the team recommends making some space in the house, and perhaps moving a box of unused things to the garage which may be less attractive targets for potential burglars.

Promoting good habits

Many will remember their parents always reminding them to make sure they doors and windows are locked before leaving the house, when they were at the age of first given the responsibility. We would like to reiterate this tip, and promote the good habit of common sense. The routine questions like “have you locked the door?” come from a reason. A reason which we understand very well.

 put away smart phoneOne of the most efficient home security tips is that of good habits, and at that we would like to mention another one which can be good to keep in mind. Another good habit is simply to put away valuable items after use, and not leave them out on display. Of  course,we understand that it’s not so easy to just put away your widescreen TV every time after use, however in this type of case it can be a good idea to use blinds or curtains as to more conceal the valuable items. For smaller items like your keys, wallet, your smart phone, tablet or laptop, well these ones are easy to put away, we see only good reasons to get into the habit of doing so when you are not using them. We hope you have enjoyed our security tip, and please keep checking in with our website to keep getting good ideas and tips on how you can improve your own home security and safety!

How to best prevent burglaries

 home security tipWe want to inform you of a couple of simple things to keep in mind when it comes to the security of your home, the safety of your family and the safekeeping of your belongings. We obviously advise of course to get a proper security inspection done at your home and property. This of course is something we can help with, and our service can be arranged for at a time fitting your possibly busy schedule. We are happy to arrange for a weekend or evening meeting for your convenience. If you get in touch with us via phone, or come to our store we can schedule an inspection in, which of course comes at a competitive and affordable price.

But if you’re not sure it’s needed, we do advise a couple of things which would be good for you to do on your own at home. Take a couple of walks around your home area, and have a look for easy cover points, access points to the building and other potential logical threats you can see. If you are walking night time, the team would advise you to have a look for dark spots, which are shaded from the light, and perhaps think about installing a motion detector light there. We believe everybody should get a home alarm system installed, there are many affordable varieties available which provide very good security. Come to our branch or give us a call and speak to one of our team for advice on what is available and suitable to you.

Keep easy hidden entry points in mind

 motion sensor lightHere at your local experts we always keep our customers in mind, and would just like to give our fellow citizens some good tips on what to think of when it comes to your own home and business security. There are of course many aspects involved in any comprehensive security solution, but there are a few little things which are easy to keep in mind, should you with to make your own security just a bit better, at almost no cost at all. Get a 15 minute response time to most addresses out of the radius point 299 East Park Road, Leicester, LE5 5HL Tel: 0116 3677003 now. So for instance, a tip we would like to give you on the subject of easy access points, is simply to keep them in mind. Often when it comes to dark paths, back yards and places hidden from public view or even the view from your house or office, a little effort can make a big difference.

The team here  see that even by creating the feeling of being seen for the potential intruder, it acts as a very effective deterrent. So make sure you keep hidden paths well lit, or possibly use a motion sensor activated light, or some sort of little device which is perceived as some sort of surveillance equipment. Should you be interested in having something installed, speak with one of the team.

A gardening security tip

gardening security If you are in the midst of planning or installing new plants in your garden, there is one thing which the crew  would like to bring your attention to. It’s nothing major, however what would be good to keep in mind is that how you plan your garden, will also have an effect on your own home security. We see that for instance, windows and doors which have good cover from large shrubs and bushes are of much greater risk from a security point perspective. This due to the fact that the possible intruder will find and feel safety if his or her point of entry is well concealed. It is also important to try and prevent easy access to your garden. This can be done by installing a gate lock with either a combination or key.

On this point, the other thing that we would like to bring light to is the applicability of it from the inside of the house as well. If you shade your own view from your windows and doors too much, or provide pathways in your garden where it’s easy to be hidden both from your view and form the view of the street, then again the security risk will go up.

Always prepared

 key and stick manOur workmen and women in store consists of tradesmen members who are always on the ball. We are always alert and ready to take your query and help you with any of your lock, key and security needs. This is something we have enabled ourselves to do by our long time in the industry and by always learning from each situation and each job. Meaning that we stock all most regular spare parts needed for repairs, tools which are needed for any type of lock and any type of job, as well as storing a range of different good value for money locks as well as alarm systems ready for installation.

 pick lockWe understand the importance of good preparation in order to be ready. And we especially see the value and the reward in this when we are met with emergency lock out situations. In which people are in the unfortunate situation of not having access to their own home. We see that this is more often than not  due to circumstances or just bad luck, and it’s something that one can work to prevent, but never 100%. As for any other job, we are always prepared and ready to deal with your lock out situation, we will always arrive swiftly and fully equipped as to be able to deal with any type of lock out situation.

So don’t worry – just make sure you have our number down. You never know when you might need it! Our team are always ready, and you can give us a call at any time at all, regardless of the time!

Property and area specific security solutions

 security surveyWe would like to give you some information on how we work out the best security solution just for you. Ideally we would start with doing a full security survey of your home, your garden and outside areas, as well as the surrounding neighbourhood. By doing this, the team here will gain a good idea of how to proceed.

During the security survey, which is something that you can book, both for your business or for your home, one of our gathered members will be able to spot threats, or potential threats to your security, as well as give you information to why. We are always happy to communicate with our customers and keep a transparent service, in which we are more than happy to share with our customers if they are interested.

The team will then be able to help you with any type of installation or upgrade which you may be in need of. And on top of that, many of the best value for money products are held in our carefully selected stock, which means that we can perform quick work, and you can carry on living as usual, with the added benefit of peace of mind. That you are safe from intruders and theft, and in line with the security standards for your business and home insurance, making sure you are financially protected as well! So have a chat with our staff at today to get your specific, and individual security solution in place as soon as possible.

Key Cutting with quality materials

 keysIf you have ever snapped a key in a lock our crew of specialists you are sure you understand what we mean when we place emphasis on the quality of the material for our spare keys. Key cutting with quality materials ensures the durability of all replacement keys. We are always examining the market and scanning for the best quality products available for our customers. On top of that, with knowing the industry market so well, we also spot the different changes in prices and notices when something good is available at a cheaper rate than normal, again as to be able to provide our customers with competitive prices.

 key cutting toolsSo if you are in need of a spare key, just give us a call – we are always stocked with the highest quality keys, and keep all commonly used key types ready to be cut at a time convenient to you and when you need it. Of course all our crew  are highly trained and practiced in key cutting and the service we provide is both swift and performed with precision. This simply means that there will be less wear and tear on your lock mechanism, as well as on the key, ensuring its longevity. Key cutting is done with the future in mind. So if you ever need to make use of our expert key cutting service, visit us at call and we can of course also arrange to order parts should you have a specialist customized key that needs cutting.

Security with Style

 stylish brown doorsWhen it comes to your home or work place,  we understand that what is required in terms of security must not just fulfill the practical need for an efficient security and lock solution, but also an aesthetic need to fit the purpose. In order to make your house a home, the details such as the handle and lock on your doors and windows are vital. Just as we also see the need to keep a good look and make a good impressions for your business as well as providing a nice working environment.

Our team is proud to say that we are very aware of the details, and have a good sense of style. With our experience as well, we’ve also learned how to see what type of lock goes with what type of home design for instance. Whatever you are after our knowledgeable personnel arensure to be able to assist. If you are after a round soft look, a nice chrome handle to go with your dark oak door, or perhaps you are after a more modern, minimalistic sharp look.

Our team have what you need, and our personnel knows how to direct you though the forest of designs on the market. Of course we will always provide you with suggestions which are in line with the highest security standards and the best quality products. Get in touch with us for any of your lock and security needs, simply put, with us you can’t go wrong!

Sunny greetings from the crew

 sun keyLet’s hope the sun stays with us for a long time this year, it’s been a great summer and we would like to send their warmest summer greetings. If you are one of the lucky ones to be planning a late holiday this year, to keep the summer and the heat a little bit longer, it may be a good idea to get an alarm system installed. We stock some affordable, and hi-tech alarms, which are complete and ready for installation immediately and at your convenience. Keeping your home safe this summer, whilst you are away, does not have to cost a leg and an arm, and it will leave you in a place where you can completely relax and enjoy your holiday. Instead of worrying about your property and your belongings.

So get in touch with us and we can help and assist you in your choices, as well as perform installation at a time convenient to you, swiftly and professionally. So why take the risk? We see that home invasion rates go up for those who go away and leave their property empty for longer periods of time. Our experts here at  can also help you, in giving you easy to apply security tips just for you, making sure your home is safe whilst you are away. So call us with your query today, and let us know about your situation .Our dedicated team will be able to advice on what is the best thing for your and answer any questions that you may have.

With you from start to finish

 home keyringIf you are looking for any type of services with regards to keys, locks or over all security give us a bell. We are a friendly bunch who are always there to help our customers. And we always make sure things are wrapped up and to satisfaction with our customer. So if you want a full and complete service, come to us. We will help you from the start to the completion of any type of project or thoughts you have that you want to put in place. We are happy to lend our experience, knowledge and our hands to anyone in need of it.

With being in the security and locks industry for countless years we’ve learned about every aspect of the services we provide, and are able to combine the practical execution, with the theoretical knowledge we have of everything from the products we install, to our practical experience with customers and listening to their genuine concerns. Our lads are made up of friendly individuals, who are dedicated to both their professionalism and to the well being of our customers, always making sure you are met with the warmest greetings and our best intentions. So pick up the phone and give us a call, or bring yourself to our branch and speak about the security of your home today, we have many products available here in our store, and we can arrange for a swift installation and quick process from start to finish!