Customer Satisfaction

Competitive prices on great services and products

 pound sign competitive pricesSomething at the top of the priority list for your  is, of course, your feeling of satisfaction for any of the services or products that we supply and install. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we always aim to provide you with the best at affordable prices. For one, the experts believes that security is something that should be available to all home owners, and protection your investments and ensuring that those who you love the most are kept in a safe environment is not something which should be a privilege. This is why our prices are kept at competitive rates, keeping the standard of the services to the highest level and ensuring that the products we provide are in line with industry standards.

This is of course true for if you are running a business as well. If you are working from an office, or have a small shop or similar, please feel free to get in touch with your emergency locksmith Leicester security help, to find out how we can help you. Should you book in for a security survey with our experts, you will also find where your security situation may be in need of improvement, and what type of risks you are facing and why. We can offer a great rang of different products with different budgets in mind, and with you at the centre of any security upgrade situation, you can also rest assured that all your concerns will be addressed. So for affordable and competitively prices and effective security solutions, please feel free to speak to your security expert helpers today.

Leicesters Locksmiths Mean Business

Here at Leicesters locksmiths we’ve got you covered, whether you’re at work or your home we can sort out any issue you may have regarding your locks. Whether that be a new lock installation on your rented property, or whether you would just like some added security on your office. Leicesters Locksmiths cover you wherever you are in the Leicester or surrounding areas and we can get to you fast to sort out any issues you may have whether it be at your business or at your home.

Leicesters locksmiths have over 20 years experience and all of the tools and skill to get you through your locksmith issues that you may have. Leicesters locksmiths have been around for a while and try our hardest to keep costs as competitive as they can possibly be. This means that Leicesters Locksmiths don’t charge VAT or call out charges for any services no matter whether it’s an emergency call out or a non emergency cal out.

Any time of the day or night you can call us and speak to someone professional and get someone out to get you back up and running with your busy day. Leicesters Locksmiths mean business so call us now and see what we can do for your business or home, today.

Your safety is our priority

 always on your sideThe best part of being able to help people become more secure where they work is knowing that we are helping keep the well being of that particular place. Security is a basic human need, and if we feel under threat or unders stress our ability to perform goes down just as our ability to bond and create meaningful memories and relationships. We are always here to help the daily running of any home or business through providing great services and products in the area of security. By picking a local tradesmen who are invested and knowledgeable within the area, who cares to raise awareness and bring home and business security up to great standards at low prices, and who provides a full 24 hour emergency service as well as work flexibly within your time schedule with any services or installations required, you keep it simple for yourself.

Let a crew of experts deal with the security needs of your home or business, and leave more of your time free to rest, play and spend time with your family or doing the things that you love doing the most. Get in touch now to find out more about how our friendly and fast team can help you to the security standards you need to keep safe in today’s threatening world. With award winning security solutions and a caring customer service approach and long running customer relationships you will struggle to find any better than us in the area. Dial our number now or save it for later.

Why customer satisfaction is such an important factor for our team

your key to customer satisfactionIt may sound like a silly question, but if you actually get around to asking it you may see why it isn’t, and especially if you keep in mind that we are trying to ensure the best possible value for our customers, which lies not only in quality of products and speed at providing our services, but also in ensuring our customers understands their own security situation, in which they live, and which they can improve on simply by knowing a little bit more.

Of course this doesn’t mean that thinks you need to study or invest highly into the area of security, but keeping open ears to some handy tips and tricks which will help you over all security in your day to day life. So, keeping an informational, cost effective and relevant service to our customers becomes key, and here is the reason to why we think that customer satisfaction scores high on the list.

We ensure satisfaction by a friendly though great value for money, and good understanding of our customers. Of course listening, learning and communication is always a two way street, something that the servers here know well, and puts into practice every day when we go to work. Why don’t you test it out, feel free to give our lovely team a call at any time, and ask about your security issues or lock and key needs. We are here to help you find and get installed what you are looking for, fast, easy and in a way so that you get a better understanding of your home or business security over all.

A service who understands you

 understanding youNo matter what the situation is and no matter which of our wide range of services that you are in need of, you can always trust a dedicated service with caring helpers to provide you with what you need. With the highest respect for your home and your living space you can trust us to keep things clean and tidy when it comes to any work. Of course also with the highest understanding of the value of your time, installations and repairs can also be arranged for at a time which fits in with your schedule.

On top of that, if you are locked outside, your service will always rush to your aid minimising stress by being a reliable service always finding the resolution to any lockout situation. This service is available all days of the year, and there isn’t a time which you cannot call should you need an emergency lockout service.
When it comes to the security equipment you can find here, the boys has already been though and found tried and tested security solutions which are reliable and workable from a user perspective, as well as compared the prices between known and trusted brands being able to advice you on what is out there, and what type of security solution may fit your needs as well as your wallet best.

So there is no reason for you to wait with making sure that your home or business has the protection it requires, get in touch with a trusted service which comes highly recommended from persons who has previously used the service, and ensure that you and your property has what it needs today!

To this service, you and your security are top priority

happy customers at your serviceIn our aims to provide the locals with a high quality traditional service which will not only be there to serve the present need for repairs, replacements, security installations and emergency access needs, but there to help you with anything else in the region of security that you need.

Here the caring understands that your security is something which will be on going and working at a continuous bases to always bring our customers products and services which don’t only exceed expectations in quality and security standards, but also ensure that you feel reassured at times of your absence from your property. The way that your sees as the best way to give you a break from your security worries and concerns is to ensure that you are properly informed.

Your team knows the importance of communication, and by always providing information in a concise, relevant and clear way, you will be given great insight to your security and peace at night to rest well for your long and demanding days. Seeing the busy lives of ourselves, other people, customers and the community, also see just how important our services are.

Helping homes, businesses and organisations to good security situations which suit their needs, utility and risk profile is something that we’ve been doing for a long time, and the good reputation based on merit, sill and work performed is something that this is proud of. Feel free to get in touch today to find out what your next step is on your security checklist.

Only the best products are good enough for you

 finding the best for youGetting in touch you will find exactly what you need. Here the flexible helpers knows keys, locks and security equipment and situations. And placing the deal of security for your home or your business in the hands of the experts here is something that previous customers have never regretted, as well as something we are sure you will not regret either if you come. Of course  trained to the highest level, and keeping diligent eyes on the industry market, inspecting and evaluating the many products that are introduced to the market every year, to find the best for you.

With the long row of different homes, small to medium businesses, and other security situations helped in the past, here the staff knows what is not only of high quality and great design, but we also know what type of security products are applicable and effective in different situation. If you have worries with regards to your current security situation, get in touch with a who knows security and who is updated with the products on the vast industry market today. Ensuring that the security that you choose to have installed or repaired is right for you and your home or business.

Here we hold only a range of the most efficient high quality security products, and that down to the last and smallest part. Ensuring skilled installation and repair work also ensures that your security situation keeps to the highest applicable standard in your area and for your property. Get in touch with your service today and find out more.

How we ensure customer satisfaction

our service ensures satisfactionIt is the firm belief of all the caring and friendly bunch of members here that the only true way to providing a service which will guarantee satisfaction every time for our customers is simply to take every job and every situation as personal as can be done. When a security solution is required for a home or a business, the staff here always places themselves in your shoes to ensure that you get the highest level of suitable and effective security that is possible to achieve within your budget, and of course during the course of providing you with the best security situation there is to t be had you will also always be kept informed and understanding of the why’s and how’s of all the security features. Providing an all round service that covers all your needs for your convenience is also part of the parcel should you come to this community friendly and on top of that providing it around the clock so that you will never be stuck without help in an emergency situation ensures that all your service needs are catered for.

For quotes and prices, a competitive standard is always kept so that you will get high value for money, and with the personal service and high quality products guarantee you will always feel satisfied. So if you are searching who is there for you when you need it the most, who listens to your requirements and preferences, and who advices, provides and installs any security equipment you need to keep a safe home or work place. Make sure that you choose us.

Applicable and Simple Solutions to Suit

 vault close up securityOne of the feedbacks we have had from a number of customers, and something that makes us radiate with pride regardless of trying to keep down to earth and humble is on the area of keeping things applicable and simple.

For residential customers, we are always on point, and never looking to complicate the everyday lives of people in need of security. People, individuals who are living busy lives as it is, and are not in need of learning new systems, but want to ensure that their security at home is of the highest standard and at a level keeping them and the people they love in the safest and most secure possible way.

Your service have of course taken this feedback, and with the greatest positivity to heart, and given it extra thought as to ensure that for our customers, applicability, simplicity and security is what is provided.
With applicability your  service aims to ensure that the systems or security measures which are put in place are ones which are effective in providing the protection needed for your specific area and property. For simplicity, we search for high quality affordable products which are easy to use, and of course installation from your dedicated expert is part of the package.

And for the point of security, as already touched upon, we ensure that the overall security situation is improved to the best possible standard, so that you can sleep well at night. If you would like to join the many who have taken the first step to a better home security situation with a service that cares, please feel free to call at any time.

Regular product testing

The security market today is saturated with excellent products. In a globalised economy our markets have opened up and now there is far more choice for consumers as manufacturers from around the world are gradually able to enter the UK market. Thanks to regulations, all the products that enter the market tend to be of a high-quality as there are certain UK benchmarks they have to meet before they are certified and can be legally sold. This means that not only is the market saturated, but the increased competition between lock manufacturers means that they are continually having to ensure that their products are cost-effective in order to place themselves ahead of the competition.

A saturated market means increased competition and more products, but this means there is also more choice. How can the consumer know what product is best for their property? How can they know whether they are getting a high-quality, cost-effective product? The only way they can know this is through their local service!

We are highly-trained and have years of experience working in the local area meaning that they all know the common and complex problems which regularly affect local properties. As such, they know what to look for when testing new products. All our routinely test all new products that enter the marketplace. This isn’t solely limited to trusted brands such as Yale, Chubb and ABS. The market has been flooded with high-quality security products from around the globe, and all are regularly tested. This means that our team can determine whether any new product offers a significant improvement on what we already have in stock. It means that if we believe it is both cost-effective and an upgrade, you can be sure that we will order it in so that we can pass the security and price benefits directly on to you. Of course, not all security upgrades are cheap. However, our regular testing means that even if we believe a product not to be cost-effective, you can be sure we will have tested it and if you believe you’d like a high-end product on your property, we can recommend to you whether it would be appropriate and can subsequently order it and arrange an installation time convenient for you within 48 hours.


A  provider who puts you at centre

 customer first heartFinding a reliable and proper service who has focus on the customer and great dedication to building long lasting customer relationships based on trust and quality of service. Here the boys and girls here are proud to say that we have excellent customer feedback, and if you speak to anyone who we’ve helped in with locks and security in the past, you’ll soon find that we come highly recommended. So no matter what type of service that you are in search of, you’ll be sure to find it here, to the highest industry standards, and to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Speak to us about your security situation for either your home or for your business. And should you be interested in taking a deeper dive into how you can improve on your security situation, you can always feel free to book in for one of our security inspections. in this you will find out where your security is in the the most urgent need of attention. On top of that you will also be able to find tips and tricks which you can implement in your day to day life, also to heighten the level of security you have at home.

And for all products, services, installations and so forth, you can rest assured that a service who is known for taking good care of their customers, you will be able to rest assured that you will find the best possible security situation for you, your situation and your budget. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the best service around, and make sure that your home or place of business is under the best possible protection today!

Premium customer service

 excellentIn coming to us with your security queries you will be guaranteed the highest level of customer care and service. Here you are always at the steering wheel, and all choices and decisions which need to be made are left for you to decide on. We are matriculate in making sure our quotes and prices are clear and understandable. This simply means that you see exactly what costs what, and there are no hidden charges.

If you come  you will soon notice that being honest, direct and leaving you in charge of your own security decisions is something that we value highly. Just as you will see that the care we have for our customers is genuine, and our aim to help people improve their own home and business security comes from wanting to make sure that all members of the community and public are as safe and secure as can be.

Here for you 24 hours, 365 days!

 24 hour service alwaysAs part of our way to ensure customer satisfaction, we have our excellent 24 hour emergency  access service. This means that if you find yourself in the situation where you can’t get in to your home or in to your area of business, no matter what time it is, you can call on us. Losing keys, or landing in the middle of some form of miss understanding where access is lost at the most vital time is something which can easily occurs. By saving the telephone number for this caring service, you will have no need for worry. No matter where you are in the area, and no matter what time it is of day or night, you will always find one of our guys members ready.

With a vast number of lockout situations resolved in our history, you can rest assured that the knowledge and the tools needed for the job will be on site with you shortly after you give us a call.

On top of that, your service can resolve the majority of lockout situation without the lock taking damage, meaning that there is a good chance that you can continue using the lock after access has been provided. This is of course in situations where the key has not been lost. In situations where the keys have gone missing your always and warmly recommends that you change the lock to ensure the integrity of your security situation. Of course the vans also carry spare parts to be able to provide lock installation on the spot, saving you time and money. If you have any questions, you can always reach us, give us a All jobs, big or small done to perfection with service
Here the professional and experience boys holds no discrimination, all jobs are treated the same. Which is with the highest respect, for your home or your business premises. This means that should you get in touch with our service today with your need, you will find only the best products, the best service and the friendliest of service providers. With customer satisfaction at the heart of a  service that cares greatly for your security, you will find that any job, no matter the size is done with precision and care.
So give us a call for your repair needs, your installation needs, your security check needs and of course for any of your emergency needs. Here the lads, as part of the customer satisfaction focus we hold, is ready, and available to aid you all hours of the day. Being there to aid you when you need it the most, is considered a privilege to this.

The reputation that is nurtured here is based on merit, cost efficiency and of course professionalism, and should you find yourself speaking with one of your friendly and helpful  member, your doubts will be shed. With clarity we provide prices, information and help for all your lock, key and security need. One number, for one caring  is all you need, and if you chose us there will be no regrets. Speaking to any of our previous customers will also bring you this insight.
call and inquire today!

All jobs, big or small done to perfection

 home security, grayscale keys
Here the professional and experience lads holds no discrimination, all jobs are treated the same. Which is with the highest respect, for your home or your business premises. This means that should you get in touch with your today with your need, you will find only the best products, the best service and the friendliest of service providers. With customer satisfaction at the heart of a service that cares greatly for your security, you will find that any job, no matter the size is done with precision and care.

So give your  call for your repair needs, your installation needs, your security check needs and of course for any of your emergency needs. Here the wokers, as part of the customer satisfaction focus we hold, is ready, and available to aid you all hours of the day. Being there to aid you when you need it the most, is considered a privilege to this dedicated.

The reputation that is nurtured here is based on merit, cost efficiency and of course professionalism, and should you find yourself speaking with one of your friendly and helpful your doubts will be shed. With clarity we provide prices, information and help for all your lock, key and security need. One number, for one caring is all you need, and if you chose us there will be no regrets. Speaking to any of our previous customers will also bring you this insight.

Treating each security situation as our own

 customer thank youIn order to always be able to provide our customers with the best of customer service and care, a provider you can trust, will always make sure that the customer’s situation is treated as their own. This is why, if you get in touch when you need us, you will always be sure to get the best and most suitable solution for your security situation. Regardless what type of service that you may be after, you can always rest assured that your query will be dealt with quickly and sincerely.

We understand that when it comes to the home security of someone, it’s not only the belongings and the physical property which we are providing layers of protection for, but also the safety of the people who the customer holds dear. So for a provider with dedication and understanding of your security needs, someone who really places themselves in your shoes and walks the extra mile to make sure that your home and family is kept safe and well protected, is of the greatest importance when it comes to choosing .

So please get in touch with us, for any questions you may have with regards to your home or business security, as well as any of your day to day needs such as key cutting, lock repairs, lock installation and security advice and installations. Our workers come recommended and will be sure to provide you with the highest quality of services and products available on the market which are applicable to your individual needs. So please get in touch today, and discuss your security needs with a an experienced provider.

Prioritising your security

 key padHere we put customer security first. We guarantee to respond to urgent calls within the hour so that you are not left vulnerable or cold. Used to dealing with lock changes after domestic disputes in a discreet and sensitive manner. Many tasks can be achieved at the initial call-out. We put the safety concerns of our customers first. We do everything we can to keep prices down so that everybody should be able to afford to take locking and security measures to adequately protect their home or business. Get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

Outstanding customer feedback

The feedback given by our customers really is first class. Customers appreciate our professional outlook, the trustworthiness of our staff, and the reliability of our materials and methods. All our equipment meets or exceeds industry standards. We are contacted by many new customers on word-of-mouth recommendation alone, which speaks volumes about the quality of service we provide. Customer satisfaction has always been important to us here. The speed with which we are able to supply and install your safe, mortice lock, metal detector or fingerprint entry system will assure you that we are the right choice to meet you and security needs. As a progressive business, We are always striving to improve the experience for our customers. You can trust us to provide the best security in Leicester.

Top reputation

We are proud of its reputation as the top  in the Leicester area. This reputation is the result of three things: quality of materials, quality of staff, and speed of response. All our members are accredited and CRB-checked. We train our staff regularly to ensure they stay on top of all the latest developments in the industry. This means more efficient staff, which ultimately means lower prices for our valued customers. We operate as an honest service through and through. All materials are obtained from reputable merchants and meet British Standards where appropriate. The service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Operating out of central Leicester, we can be in many Leicester suburbs within half an hour, securing both your property and your peace of mind.