Key cutting on site

lockThe emergency Leicester locksmith service can cut keys on site at your property. Modern, precision key-cutting equipment is carried on all our call-out vans to make our service quicker and more efficient. We stock a large variety of keys ready for use in our key maker, such as: cylinder keys, cabinet keys, window keys, Yale keys, Chubb keys and many more besides. For unusual keys we can arrange for these to be cut at our central store. The store also offers coloured and patterned keys for novelty or your convenience. Installers and repair specialists sells a range of key accessories such as tags, fobs and plastic covers. We guarantee all our keys for ten years; keys cut by  master key cutters provide keys which are durable and won’t crack or twist. Our key duplication service is handled quickly and professionally. If you need new or replacement keys, get in touch with a  master today and we’ll be happy to provide our key cutting duplication service for the most competitive prices and an efficient service.

Highly trained and experienced

Engineers run a longstanding and reputable business employing only the very best staff. All work members undergo rigorous testing both before joining us and at regular intervals during their employment. This ensures the very best service for you. The many years’ collective experience of our staff means that whatever your locking or security system issue, it will be one that one of us has previously successfully resolved. No awkwardly-configured door or window will be too much for us, no task will be too large. Our customers are always impressed by our professional and prompt work.

Your engineer beloved in growth and is always in training for your service and security

 always in trainingOne of the paramount things in being able to provide all of our much beloved and cared for customers with the highest level of service and satisfaction is to ensure that the service provided is always on the ball, with new technologies as well as knowing the in’s and out’s of installation and applicability. This is the reason why the lads here is always busy with training, practice and keeping an eye on the market to be able to spot, investigate, learn about, and learn how to perform professional and quick installation at to the highest possible standard.

So why not place trust in your  service when it comes to the installation and services that you need for your home and you security. Of course products in our range is always up to current security standards and from well-known brands trusted and revolutionary in security technologies. Our professional experts are highly trained and professional. But of course, even the most secure lock will lose its efficiency if installation is not done properly. So get in touch with your highly recommended service, and be guaranteed the highest possible standards, and of course we here is happy to cater for your timing for any work that needs to be done. Flexibility for your convenience is a given for us, and arranging out of hours for work is also possible should your schedule not be full. A service who cares for you, will always put you and your security situation first, and see no reason why any home should stand without proper protection due to difficulty in organising it. So feel free to get in touch today.

A preference for non destructive emergency access with your delicate practitioner

your non destructive serviceFor us practicality and to the point service is high on the list of priorities. We know that stress is running high in the event of an emergency lockout situation and will always ensure that we arrive to your site without delay to assist you should your situation be a difficult one.

In addition we also promote non destructive methods to regain entry for you in the cases where the whereabouts of the keys are known to you. The case could be such that the wind slammed the door behind you when you were taking out the trash or accompanying your friend to his or her car after a convivial night in.

Either way, if you call us, you’ll have a dedication and understanding at the end of the line, plus, we’re always available when you need us, this means also during national holidays and alike. Here the workmen never sleep, to ensure that you are always kept safe from the stresses of being locked out.

Save the number for this non destructive who will prioritise your emergency over any other job and ensure that the resolution you seek comes quickly and with as little anxiety as possible. For regular  services you can of course also employ this lovely bunch, one of highly trained and experienced individuals whose sole purpose is to ensure your security and your happiness. So if your keys are lost and you are locked out, contact us and we’ll help you out of your emergency lockout situation.

Call now to find out how about our daily services, our key cutting, our security surveys and alarm installation, our emergency lockout resolution service and much more. And remember to check our website for the latest tips and tricks on home and business security.

How our services gained an amazing reputation

 beautiful doorFor a long running and fine service which cares for you, attaining and keeping a good reputation is of great value. Not only for being able to build the long customer relationships we aim for, but also to keep integrity as a traditional and professional trades service. Your  service doesn’t aim only to ensure your convenience, but has a profound and genuine care for your security. It’s only by letting a customer focused ideal as such run though our entire practice, that we can create true value. Both for ourselves and the pride we taken in our work, but also in being able to create secure areas for our customers regardless of the services they require.

The expert knowledge held by a caring in both in the areas of home security, as well as in the area of business, shop and office security, help us create security solutions which are individual and applicable for you.There is only one way to achieve both a high security and suiting solution for our customers and keeping good competitive rates at the same time. And of course it’s though genuine care. Only by caring for our customers can the drive to find the right deals to suit your situation and your wallet be found. And only by being a service who keeps a traditional trades service practice as well as keeping with the modern development of the market and the technology, can we bring you the high value that our great reputation is built on. So make no mistake, get in touch with your caring and professional  service today, and have your need satisfied. Quick, easy and to the highest standard.

Long lasting customer relations with your service

 door lock silverIn a fast moving world, where more and more often you see product driven services the workers here retains their dedication to providing a high quality, low cost great service ran on a person to person basis. Although it’s important for the work forcehere to stay educated and with the market, we also place high focus on being able to build long lasting customer relations based on trust and reliability. A traditional workmanship and tradesman to customer service is something that we place great value in being able to provide, which is why all our lads members are well educated in all ranges of skills within the profession. With us you will be guaranteed satisfaction, as we always ensure that every job is done to perfection, leaving you without doubt to the quality which we provide, every time. Our customer reviews speak for themselves. 

So no matter what it is that you require, locks, keys, security installations and more, you will be able to find it from a crew dedicated to you, not only as a customer, but as an individual and a person with the need to keep your home, your business and your loved ones safe and secure at home or at work. Providing services with a 24 hour availability is also part of dedication to you, meaning that should you ever require an emergency service, no matter what hour the clock strikes, there is always someone to call on. If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with a trusted and loved service and a who is dedicated to you, and aims to get to know you and your security situation in detail as so to be able to provide you with the best solution for your need.

Your  technician up to date with the latest technologies

your service bringing you new and up coming productsIt’s important to keep with what is going on if you want to be able to provide high security solutions, and of course that is something that the staff here is highly motivated to do. This is why we are always with the movements on the security market.

Snapping up any great deal that we see to be able to provide you with the highest security available at affordable prices. This is something that only a trained expert in the area can do effectively, as a background of rigorous training and a long narrative of having provided local customers with home and business security which stands the tests. Our expert doesn’t only make a point out of keeping up to date with that is going on within the industry, but have it as a scheduled regular occurrence as well are part of a row of industry organisations providing news, updates and industry relevant happenings.

We are also makes sure to keep with local news and national news to be able to provide protection against new threats reported. With new risk factors revealed all the time, it’s important that the service you choose to help you with your security, regardless of if it’s for your work or your home environment is aware of the risks relevant to the area and of course to your individual situation. Our team can come to site and perform a professional lock and security check if you are new to the area of security, and in booking in for such a visit you will also ensure that you have your main risk factors covered.

Please feel free to call us if there is anything that you are wondering about, and remember that you are up to date experts who can help you find the perfect security solution, to suit your premises and your budget!

Keeping an eye out for you and your security

 keeping an eye outYour service is highly dedicated to providing security for you, your business and your community. With conscious efforts to spread security awareness, and making sure that we are always up to date with the latest when it comes to the security market, and home security news is something that we do for our customers gladly. There are current threats of intrusion for any home owner, this threat of course also, to a high degree apply to small businesses as well and if you have not yet given much additional thought to the security at your property or work premises, now might be a good time to do so. Firstly, your  professional team would like to ensure that you have locks which are fitting to the area installed on the building, and this is something which you can easily check.

What your experts would recommend, is to get an up to date, high security lock for your entrances. A strong lock, with defence against known methods of breaking in will always act both as a deterrent for any potential intruder, but will also should the worst case scenario occur, give you plenty of warning and time to notify authorities should someone attempt to break in.

What your service also knows is that there are currently many affordable and quick installation home alarm systems are on the current market, and good security at home or for a small business premises is not something which has to break the bank, but rather keep it in a much safer way. So feel free to pick up the phone, and get in touch with your  security expert today, to keep yourself, your loved ones and your business running safe and secure.

Top quality security products

 top quality service house key ringShould you not have given thought to your own home security, then perhaps now is ample time for you to do so. Getting in touch with a  lock provider who has been in the industry is not difficult, and something that will ensure that you get not only the highest quality or products, but at the best possible price. And on top of that, a provider who knows will also always guarantee that the home security measures that are put in place at your property is applicable to that properties specific situation and requirements. So please get in touch with a repairman who care for their customers, and know a good security deal when they see one. Of course we are always on standby to answer any home or business security questions that you may have, and if there is anything that you are wondering, please feel free to get in touch and get your worries put to rest.

With the efforts always made to keep eyes on the industry market by a installer and provider who’s learned how to see and predict trends both in prices and in technology you can also rest assured that the products provided, with full installation, is to a premium standard, and providing applicable security for your home. So speak to a repair and lock  provider who has the knowledge to provide you with what your home needs from a security point of perspective. And get in touch today if there are any questions on your home security that you have which remains unanswered.

Emergency Lockout Resolved! By an amazing 24h service!

 24 hour serviceIf there is anything that an experienced 24 hour lock out service provider can find great value and reward in. It is of course being able to help a person in need, and this is why an experienced service provider which you can get in touch with at any time disaster may strike makes it a priority to always be ready, equipped and reachable.

Having found yourself locked out of your home or your place of work in a time which seems the lest suiting for such a thing to happen, is never easy. A emergency service provider knows, and understands the stresses and the anxiety this type of situation can cause, and will always do their utmost to get to your location and resolve your issue as fast as humanly possible. Most locations in the area can be reached within half an hour (within reasonable limits of the city borders), and in most lockout cases the whole situation can be resolved swiftly and efficiently.

So please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a ring should you ever land in such a situation that you require a quick and available  emergency lockout service. It doesn’t matter what time the clock is about to strike, your emergency is our priority, and regardless of what type of lockout situation you are facing, this expert emergency service provider have yet to meet with a lockout situation which could not be resolved.

So please make sure you save the number for a provider who puts your needs first, and feel free to get in touch should you ever need us, this of course is applicable to every day requirements such as key cutting, lock installations, repairs, and security system installation and other lock and security related matters.

Up to date with competitive pricing

 competitive pricesFor us one the most important things is to be able to provide our customers with the best products available on the current market at a competitive price. This is the reason to why our workers are always keeping up to date with the current movements on the industry market. By always keeping an eye on the new products and innovation that enters the market each year, we can guarantee that if you come to us, you will be in line with both the latest innovations as well as the most cost effective security solutions currently out there.

In an industry like the home and business security one of course it is of paramount importance for us to keep up to date with products and developments as to best be able to battle any new threat that reveals itself.

When a new product hit the market, we always review, test and see how we can implement and integrate it with our current practices in places where it is of the greatest benefit to the customer. With much experience in practical installation we make sure that all is up to date and done correctly, swiftly and professionally install any type of security equipment, and with experience in surveying different types of security scenarios we can help advice and recommend where and how new and old models can work in line with your security solution.

So if you are after a cost effective security solution for your home or your business, you can trust us to find the solution suiting you your specific situation and security needs. So why not book in a security inspection with us today, and find out where your risk areas lie.

Speedy response

 black lockThe emergency service offered by us is on hand 24/7 to respond to your call. We will always aim to gain entry using non-damaging methods, minimising the disruption to your day. Where locks do need drilling or entry must otherwise be forced, your property will be secured by us. Replacement Yale, mortice, deadlocks, and rim locks are stocked as standard on our vans. Most types of replacement keys can be cut on-site using our on-board key makers. We will work swiftly to replace dlooor locks and window locks. Burglary repair is another area in which there is no room for delay. You can trust us to offer the best response times, whether for an emergency call-out or a complete security overhaul.

Modern and evolving

We understands the importance of keeping up with modern technology. As potential intruders make the most of new technology, the  industry must stay one step ahead in order to protect your home, loved ones and livelihood. When new tools are available, we will assess whether they will make our work more efficient. We work with new lock technology such as digital locks, magnetic door locks and keypad locks. The most recent developments in the security industry concern technology meaning that doors, safes etc can only be unlocked by the individual. Retina-scanning and fingerprint systems mean that only the person you want to gain entry is carrying the necessary ‘key’ on them – and there is no risk of losing important keys or codes. Use our home security review service and we will use our expert knowledge of lock options to recommend the most appropriate lock for you.

The only number you’ll ever need!

 keysIf for any reason you find yourself needing a service, get in touch with us. Here you can find anything from a 24/7 emergency lock out service, key cutting, lock installations and repairs. On top of that we can help get your home and business security up to scratch with one of the latest intruder alarm systems on the market.

Our services include: Key cutting, 24/7 emergency lock out service, Lock repairs, replacements and installations, Door and Window locks, Security surveys and advice, Home security and alarm installations, Business security, surveillance and alarm installations, Central locking systems , and most anything to do with keys, locks and security.

So if you need some spare keys cut, perhaps a new lock installed on your door, or if you have any concerns about your own home or business security, please feel free to get in touch with us for security fanatics. We are glad to assist and help answer any of your questions.

Fully Trained

We have trained its staff in the installation and operation of such systems. The comprehensive course each receives fully prepares them in working with all manner of security solutions, be it traditional locks or more modern security solutions. We stock a range of such equipment in our store, and can source any other type you require from our longstanding contacts within the industry. http://leicesters-locksmiths.co.uk is a modern and evolving business. Get in touch today and keep your business moving with the times.