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With our Locksmith Leicester prices starting at £35 you’ll be glad you called. Fastest response times so you gain access fast as we aim to reach most properties within 30 minutes.

Reliable and trusted LEICESTERS LOCKSMITHS serving the entire area with the best prices to match. If you’re locked out and need a access fast call us now. The best local Locksmith Leicester professionals for all locks 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All work guaranteed and fully insured. Call for a free quote or friendly advice. We access any lock fast.

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Locksmith Leicester Near Me

locksmith LeicesterLocksmith Leicester is your number one go to fast response locksmith for the Leicester and surrounding areas. If you’re in the Leicester, Coventry, or other neighbouring area we have the locksmiths and locksmith services to help you with whatever troubles you may be having. Don’t worry if you’re trying to reach us late at night or early in the morning we’re never too far away from the phone and one of our trained office advisors is always on hand to take your call 24/7.

Locksmith Leicester are here for you when others can’t be, and don’t think we’re going to ask you for an arm and a leg when we’re done. Locksmith Leicester pride ourselves on offering competitive rates on locksmith services and parts and what’s more is that locksmith Leicester don’t even charge call out fees AND we don’t charge VAT, making our already competitive prices even more so. Call today and speak to one of our trained office advisors today and see what we have to offer.

Locksmith Leicester Winter Time Services

Locksmith Leicester provides an all-round year service whatever the Winter Time Servicesweather. We are locksmiths who will come to you if it is freezing cold and you are locked outside of your house in Stormy Weather. Do not despair if you find that you have lost your keys on a very cold evening. Hour locksmith service can open any door at any time of day or night.

did you know that the dock on cold-weather offers an opportunity to potential thieves to increase that criminal activity. It is true that during winter it is much easier for a burglar or potential criminal too and to your house. The nights are much darker so thieves have the opportunity to go unnoticed. what you need to do is make sure that your home is extra secure and that there is sufficient light to scare off potential thieves. one other thing you can do of course is to call a quality locksmith who can ensure that your locks are safe and that you have the latest security.

Locksmith Leicester Services include making sure that the materials that comprise your locks and doors are not suffering due to the cold weather. Many extra problems are caused by the cold weather acting upon the material. Make sure that you have all your locks checked before winter interferes with the functionality of your locks and security. Metal and wood is prone to movements featuring extreme temperatures so this provides extra for locksmiths during the winter months. If you have problems with the cold and the effect on your windows and doors during winter months please contact us straight away.

Fast Response with Local Locksmith Leicester

When you are locked out your house this winter in the freezing rain and wind that is brought either by storm Ciara or Dennis, you want someone who will get you back into your home fast. That is why you should call on Locksmith Leicester – your number one for a comprehensive and professional service that is efficient and fast. Most of our jobs complete within the hour with minimal damage or fuss – meaning you can get on with your day without any further stress.

Our customers return to us time and again because they know what kind of service they are getting with us. Our locksmiths here at Locksmith Leicester have worked in the area for years and this experience means they have seen and conquered every kind of lock problem. You know that when you’re in a stressful situation you want someone who will get you out fast and also provide a friendly service. We can do both here at Locksmith Leicester. Serving residential and commercial needs for years, we also put our customers first with pricing. With clear and competitive fees, we want locksmith services to be affordable and don’t charge hidden fees, VAT or a call out fee. Making us number one in every respect.

Call our friendly office team today and find out why our customers keep coming back. You can get advice, reassurance and a free quote. A dedicated locksmith can be with you urgently or at a time suited to your busy schedule. Our locksmiths understand this and therefore work 24/7 to be able to be on hand for every customer, no matter what the problem is.

Locksmith Leicester is a different kind of locksmith

When you call on locksmith Leicester, you will get a different kind of locksmith. You won’t get a locksmith that is looking to charge you unnecessarily for work, or one that does a half-hearted job. We are all about saving you time and money, but to do that we take a customer first approach and get the job done well first time. This first time approach comes from years of experience working hard in the locksmith industry. Our locksmiths pool their approach to different issues, from snapped locks and lock out situations, to lock repairs, changes and installations, to bring our customers in Leicester the very best approach. And we never stop there – we are continually staying up to date with the latest industry practise to discover how we can improve our methods, and ensure that the customers get a memorable, professional, locksmith service.

dedicated locksmith leicester

When you call on Leicester locksmith, you’ll get a friendly locksmith local to Leicester. They come with all the modern tools required for any eventuality so that we don’t waste any customer job if there are unexpected surprises. Given how long we have spent refining our approach, we can do work in under an hour, and that will result in customers being more free to spend their life living rather than stressing about their lock issues. You only need to give up an hour of your week to get a high quality locksmith job, and from there you will be able to enjoy a long-lasting lock replacement which will save you money and time in future. Locksmiths Leicester urges you not to spend money on a low quality locksmith, no matter how cheap they are. Their flimsy materials and lack of industry knowledge will show itself in the work they do for you.

Your locks are the security of your home, so it makes sense that the locks should be as high a standard as possible. Don’t compromise this by relying on a locksmith that will result in your home security going awry. Give yourself a locksmith that cares local to your area in Leicester. Locksmiths Leiceister guarantee you an affordable price, despite the professionalism that we can offer and once you’ve used our services you will rely on us for every lock-related issue there is, knowing that you only ever need to give up an hour of your week to get it done!

No Waiting With Locksmith Leicester

locksmith LeicesterLocksmith Leicester are your number one for fast response professional locksmith in the Leicester and surrounding areas with no call out charges and no VAT to pay on any of our services. Call now and speak to one of our trained friendly office advisors about the locksmith services we provide and the not so great locksmith tasks we can complete for you using these services.

Locksmith Leicester is here for if and when you need us and can be on site in absolutely no time thanks to our hard working, dedicated professional locksmiths and our equally as hard working office advisors who are on hand 24/7 365 days of the year ready to answer calls and send you a locksmith when you’re in need of one.

Locksmith Leicester are fast to respond and don’t charge call out fees, that means you’ll pay soley for the labour and the parts on a job. What about the VAT? Don’t worry with locksmith Leicester we don’t charge you VAT either.

Locksmith Leicester Nearest Locksmith

Locksmiths can make your life so much easier than you think, and you’re probably trying to solve lock-related issues yourself right now or have done in the past. We imagine it caused you a lot of grief and stress and didn’t solve the problem? Or the problem came back? We’d urge you to stop trying to fix your lock and security issues today and call locksmiths leicester instead. We have been providing our customers with high quality locksmith services for years at an affordable price and we’d love you to witness first hand the standard of our work and the impact it could have on your home.

We can firstly be there for you in times of emergency. Locked out your home? Most people can say that they have been there too at some point in their lives. It’s stressful, frustrating and a little embarassing. But that shouldn’t stop you calling us. We can be on your doorstep in no time at all to get you back inside using a damage-free approach so that your door doesn’t suffer the consequences of us getting back inside. We know just how to provide such a service having done it several times before and using the latest industry knowledge and tools. This combination means we are the best in the business.

locked out locksmith leicester

Locksmiths aren’t only there for the ‘oh no I’ve forgotten my keys’ situations either. They can be part of your everyday security solutions at your home or business. We want your property to be the most secure it can be today. We offer a range of security solutions for homes and business alike and can offer a security inspection of your home to highlight to you where the weak spots are. We can offer you a range of security solutions targeting those concerns and tailored to your budget, which can range from a simple door chain to more robust security bars on your windows and doors which appeal to local businesses. Don’t let a burglary happen risking your belongings and families when youo could do something about it right now, and knowing it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Speaking of prices, we are completely transparent with our customers about how much things will cost and we can tell you this on the phone today. Our prices are competitive for Leicester and we aim to ensure customers can access high quality locksmith services, which is the heart of what we believe in as a local service supporting other locals. Call us today, any time of day, and let us give you the local locksmith service you’ve been looking for.

On Call Locksmith Leicester

All of us will be faced with a locked out situation at some point in our lives, or maybe you have already. Don’t be caught out the next time that happens by not having a quality locksmith saved on your phone that you know you can rely on. Locksmiths Leicester will answer your call day and night, whenever you call, to get you a solution that you can count on.

We have been providing professional locksmith services to customers for years in Leicester, and have got our approach refined to a T. Our expertise means we know exactly what approach to take to your problem today and will leave you with a solution that lasts. When you call Leicester locksmiths you get a hgih quality service every time, even when that call is at 2am, because we have been working in the industry for so long. With added friendliness and reassurance in your stressful situation, we will get you back inside your home with minimal fuss or damage to your property.

lock changes

Not only can leicester locksmith help in an emergency, we can also help you feel more secure in the everyday too. We provide security surveys that assess where the weak points in your home are that could be taken advantage of by burglars. We can then give you a range of options aimed at tightening those up. These include security shutters for local businesses, installing window locks and door chains, and specialised anti-snap locks aimed at protecting your door from burglars snapping them to get inside. We can provide all sorts of solutions here at locksmith Leicester, so call to find out more and just how we can help today.

Effective Solutions with Locksmith Leicester

We always aim here at locksmith leicester to get our customers a solution first time round. We use our experience working in the locksmith industry and in Leicester for many years to continually improve on our services and assess what solution works best. By continually updating our skill using the latest industry knowledge and tools too, we can offer you a service that is efficient, professional and completed to the highest standard.

Being a local service is at the heart of what we do here at locksmith Leicester. We believe in local supporting local and want to be the friendly, reliable go-to service in the Leicester area, which we often are for many of our customers. Something we use to maximise this local support is ensuring our prices are the most competitive that they can be. We continually review them against other locksmith services in the area to ensure that we are as accessible as possible for all our customers. With locksmith Leicester, you will only ever get transparency, rather than hidden fees, call out charges added to your bill, and VAT on top of services or parts.

lost keys locked out

When you’re faced with an emergency situation of being locked out of your home or business, we can be there in under an hour to get you back inside. If you have snapped your key in the lock, we can replace your lock with minimal fuss or damage to your property and get you a new key fast. Our other services include updating home and business security. With burglaries getting more sophisticated, we urge our customers to match that with a security system that won’t fail them and will allow them to sleep peacefully at night.

We are awaiting your call and are ready to give you the advice on what locksmith services you need today. Whatever your issue, we are sure that we can help and would much rather hear from you and offer some free advice rather than you try and resolve it yourself. Because we work 24/7, we can always take your call, and always come out and help you. Why wait?

Locksmith Leicester Emergency Response

emergency locksmith Here at locksmith Leicester we’re dedicated to providing a to notch service for the Leicester and surrounding areas. We’re a fast no fuss no mess locksmiths with over 20 years experience and all the tools to make sure you can get through any locksmith trouble you  might have. Locksmith Leicester is around 24/7 and is your reliable local locksmith and when you choose us to complete your locksmith tasks you won’t pay any VAT and you won’t pay any call out charge. This means you know you’re getting the most for your money when you come with us.

Call today and speak with one of our local advisors about all the great services we offer for you and your locks whether at home or at work we’ll be around 247 365 days a year to make sure you lock troubles are a thing of the past, today! Call now and speak to a professional we’ll tell you what we suspect is wrong and then tell you how much it’ll cost you to fix it. It’s really ever been easier to get your locks changed, entry gained or even a new lock installation on your door today in Leicester. Call now and speak to the professionals about what we can do for you today!

Locksmith Leicester Can Help Anytime

24 hour locksmith services provided by locksmiths leicester really does mean we can help customers out in all kinds of situations and at any hour of the day or night. This is important to us because being locked out your home can feel incredibly unsafe, especially if this happens after a night out in the early hours of the morning. It is important at that time to ensure you have leicester locksmith number saved in your phone so you can call on a locksmith you can rely on.

snapped key in lock

You can rely on us because our expertise comes directly from years of experience working as high quality locksmiths in Leicester. We have worked out how to work efficiently without compromising on quality, and ensure that the solutions we provide customers – tried and tested – are the very best and effective. So when you’re in a lock-out situation, we can respond fast to your call and sort out your situation effectively getting you back inside in no time at all. Most of our services are completed in under an hour and we aim to respond in that time too, really minimising the disruption to your day.

When you call Leicester locksmiths, it starts with a friendly chat with our office team who have all the knowledge of our services. They can discuss with you your problem and how we can help, and give you a free quote that won’t change. We don’t charge VAT, nor add on costs under the guise of being a ‘call-out fee’. Its always a simple, transparent price that is competitive in the area of Leicester when you call us. You might also not be in an emergency, but want to feel safer in your home and we definitely want to help in that situation to help you sleep well at night. So if you need a security upgrade from a wide range of options and a security survey included, or have locked yourself out, call us now.

Locksmith Leicester Local Fast Response Lock Specialist

Locksmith Leicester swapping the cylinderLocksmith Leicester has over 20 years experience and all the tools to make sure any locksmith job that you need doing or need assistance with can be a thing of the past, not just quickly, but today! Locksmith Leicester has all the tools and skills to help you out with a variety of different locksmith problems that you might be faced with day to day.

Call now to discuss the various different services we offer and our availability to provide those services. Call and talk about pricing or alternatively tell us what’s wrong and we’ll tell you if and how we can help.

It’s really up to you. Call locksmith Leicester for a friendly trained advisor 24/7 365 days of the year and we’ll have you covered no matter the time and date. Call now and pay no VAT and pay no call out fee when you call us out to provide locksmith services in the Leicester and surrounding areas. Call now!

Locksmith Leicester Fast & Reliable

Fast & Reliable in LeicesterLocksmith Leicester is your number one for fast response locksmith services in the Leicester and surrounding areas with 24/7 coverage across the whole area and some surrounding areas too. Locksmith Leicester is here for if and when you need us.

Locksmith Leicester is your go to when you need a locksmith and need one fast. Whether you’re locked out or just need a locksmith out to your home or work ASAP look no further than locksmith Leicester for a comprehensive locksmith service.

Call locksmith Leicester for quick response relief for any locksmith situation. Locksmith Leicester have over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make any locksmith task a thing of the past, Today. Call now and speak to one of our professionally trained locksmith Leicester advisors about your troubles today.

Consider Your Security This Summer

Summer is a time when customers tend to get a bit more lax about their home security. This is because they think that because the evenings are lighter they are safer. While you might feel safer, summer is a time where there are more opportunities for burglaries. Given that windows and doors are open more often and for longer, and customers can tend to leave them unchecked overnight. Locksmith Leicester wants you to remain safe this summer. So follow our trusted tips and tricks for a more secure household.

fast lock out relief by leicester locksmith

You’re likely to be in the garden more as the weather turns nicer. With your family, getting a sun tan, doing some garden. While this is nice, you not being in the house gives passing burglars or opportunists lots of time and chance. If you have windows open that you don’t have eyes on such as at the front of the house, keep them closed. Also keep valuables away from windows. Cars have been known to be taken off drives because of customers leaving car keys by open windows. Don’t be that victim today but listen to Leicester locksmiths.

Get into the habit also of making everyone in your house responsible for home security. Whoever is in last, ensure that they close the garden door behind them and lock it. Get everyone to close their bedroom window before going to sleep or if up late, check the ground floor windows are closed. If you must keep a window open overnight put it on ventilation so it is still in a lock mechanism. These small habit changes and steps can together make a huge difference to how protected your home is. Keep reading for more tips by expert locksmiths Leicester.

The locksmith Leicester for UPVC  lock mechanisms

UPVC doors and windows with locksmith LeicesterIf your home is adorned with a lovely UPVC door mechanism door at the front, or the back, or perhaps on both sides of your house, it’s vital that you get the right locksmith for it.

A great choice of material, as it is both durable, easy to clean and come in a range of locksmith Leicester great designs and colours, many models also come with high locking mechanisms which mean great break in protection.

Your locksmith Leicester have the training and experienced needed to deal with all your UPVC doors and windows, so if there is anything that you require assistance with, especially in conjunction with needs, don’t hesitate to call the wonderful staff now.

UPVC Repairs

The high UPVC lock mechanisms, often involved with UPVC doors can of course seize up (not a common problem, but it does happen), and with a telephone number for a locksmith Leicester saved in an accessible way you will never fall victim to a devastating UPVC door mechanism lockout situation. One which you cannot get resolved easily and quickly by a simple call.

If you are unsure about what type of UPVC lock mechanisms you have for your doors and windows at home, call now and have a chat with one of the friendly locksmith , we can investigate what you have in place and what you might need to ensure that the locksmith Leicester specialist installers are not missing anything vital to keep you secure.

For all your regular needs and regular locks, you can of course also get in touch with the locksmith Leicester specialists, taking on both home  upgrade jobs as well as business security improvements. You can rely on the wonderful women and men here to fill all your lock needs. Your worries are but gone with the number for a locksmith Leicester in your pocket. Get in touch and begin your affordable locksmith home or business upgrade as soon as today, as soon as now.

Locks help prevent crime

Having the right locks on your home or business can help protect you from burglaries where criminals will look to access properties that have poor security. For example, homes that have inadequate locks on the doors so that the burglar can easily enter the home without much difficulty. By ensuring you have solid locks that will not only deter the thief but also prevent them accessing your home should they try to illegally enter. Ask us when we visit your property if we think your locks are up to the job. We’re always happy to offer free advice.

Locksmith Leicester Fast Relief When You Need It

fast locksmithCall Locksmith Leicester today and speak to one of our trained advisors about our work and you might notice something different about how we operate when you compare us to your regular locksmith. That would be because we’re not your regular locksmith we’re your 24/7 365 day a year dedicated, reliable and fast response locksmith for the Leicester and surrounding areas and have over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to get you through any locksmith needing situation.

We only provide the best locksmiths about and all of our team are local professionals who have been doing this for years and while we might face a few difficult locks our team is more than capable of sorting out your locks no matter what the problem seems to be. We’re a small outfit consisting of local locksmiths that operate all over the Leicester and surrounding areas.

Call us today and speak with one of our trained advisors, they’ll be able to help you with things like a list of services we offer to our customers both at work or in the home, the prices that you can expect to pay on those services. And  our availability which is usually very flexible meaning if you aren’t ready for us right away, we can be ready for you at a time to suit you, today! Call us now and chat to one of our trained advisors about the services we can offer you today! Don’t just call any locksmith, call locksmith Leicester!

Locksmith Leicester Fast Reliable And Local

Here at locksmith Leicester we’re dedicate to providing a quick and easy to use service for all of the Leicester and surrounding areas, our goal is to ensure that anyone who needs a locksmith in the Leicester area can get someone out no matter the time or day. That means if you need someone right away that locksmith Leicester can be there for you. If you need locksmith Leicester at an outrageous or unsociable hour, we won’t think it’s outrageous and we can be there for you, whether by appointment or whether it’s spontaneous locksmith Leicester are here and will be there for you.Reliable Locksmith Leicester

Offering a reliable, easy to use service requires a few things, we start to ensure that our service is both quick and reliable from as soon as you call us. Locksmith Leicester has trained office advisors who’s goal is to reach a solution to any locksmith problem you may have whether it’s an emergency or non emergency we’ll try to be as quick and to the point as we can ensuring for no sales tricks just straight forward information for you.

Locksmith Leicester also ensures we’re reliable by turning up on time and if it’s a quick response time you need we’ll give you just that. With no call out fee and no VAT locksmith Leicester are here 24/7 365 days of the year ready to take your call if and when you need us. locksmith Leicester are ready to spring to action the second you call us so if it’s windy and you’re looking for competitive prices and fast response times to your lock out or other locksmith situation then look no further and call us now! See what we can do for you, today!

Locksmith Leicester Won’t Break Your Doors

Here at Locksmith Leicester one of the main things that sets us apart from our rivals is that we really make the most out of all the work we do every single day, whether that’s out on site or whether that’s just when we’re taking calls, we feel there’s a lot of information that people aren’t using just because the importance of that information is over looked, or maybe even because sharing that information might lose you customers.Locksmith without damage

Locksmith Leicester don’t care if telling someone how to maintain their locks and how to get the most out of their home security systems loses a few customers because if we’re helping people in that way we’ve already done our jobs. Our aim has always been to make our locksmith work as cost effective as possible, and what’s more cost effective than helping someone out through our free website, right?

One of the most common questions we get asked is by people with little or no experience dealing with emergency locksmiths before, and they mostly ask “When you come to let me back in will there be any damage to my door after? The answer is no we’ll never intentionally damage your door to gain access to the property, locksmith Leicester first try to gain access without breaking the locks, but if we can’t we can also drill through the locks and get you in that way, and then replace the lock and keys at a competitive price. Call today!

Locksmith Leicester New Lock Installations

Locksmith Leicester deal with all sorts of requests on a daily basis some normal some a little trickier. Locksmith Leicester are here to please the customer in any way we can whether it’s our fast response times and competitive rates for emergency lock outs or whether it’s our lock replacements that we can come and do any time to suit you.

One of the lesser requested services we provide, but one of the hardest to perform is that of a new lock installation. A new lock installation is different to a regular lock replacement as when a locksmith Leicester specialist goes out to a lock replacement it’s just a case of removing the old lock and fitting the new one in it’s place, with a new lock installation there isn’t a space from the old lock, and the door is just plain meaning the locksmith Leicester team have to carve the space out in the door for the lock body, and then in the door frame for the striking box.Install your lock with Locksmith Leicester

The lock body is the part of the lock that houses the mechanism, the key hole and the dead bolt when the lock is unlocked. The lock body is the first thing to be fitted and fitted in the center of the door i.e the place where it is most effective. After the lock body has been placed in the door and tested the locksmith can then carve out the door frame for the striking box. The striking box is where the deadbolt goes when the key is turned and the door is locked, it’s purpose is to make it harder to break in the door. Call now for your lock installation today.

Locksmith Leicester Here For If And When You Need Us Most

Locksmith secures the door

Locksmith Leicester are here for you whenever you need us. With over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make sure any locksmith trouble you may be having can be a thing of the past, today. What’s more is that locksmith Leicester will always have someone available to help you out when you need it most.

Whether you’re locked out, need a lock change or would like a new lock installing, locksmith Leicester will always have a team available to handle any lock request you may have. And with our office advisors online 24/7 365 days a year too you’ll always have someone to answer any of your questions without having to summon a locksmith.

Locksmith Leicester has competitive rates made even more competitive when you factor in that locksmith Leicester don’t charge call out fees and don’t charge VAT either. Call now and speak to one of our trained friendly advisors today and see what we can do for you when you come to locksmith Leicester. Call now!

Locksmith Leicester Can Provide Better Security

Many people react with surprise when they discover that local locksmith Leicester can provide them with home security solutions. But when you think about it, security is at the heart of what locksmiths do. When you’re locked out of your home you call on a 24 hour locksmith to get you back inside. When you need a lock change or repair which risks your home security, you call on a locksmith. Locksmiths leicester has evolved with the times to provide customers with comprehensive home security.

prioritise home security

You might have already spotted things in your home that you think a burglar could take advantage of to gain access to your home. Rather than worry about that and lie awake at night, take steps to protect your home today. Your home should be where you feel safest and relax in your home with your loved ones, making memories. And even if the thought hasn’t crossed your mind, this indicates that you’re really not giving your security the thought that it should be given. Leicester locksmith makes it easy for you to get better security.

It begins with a comprehensive security survey by one of our expert locksmiths. We are able to spot the potential weaknesses straight away using our experience as working as high quality locksmiths in Leicester for years. This leads us to develop a practised eye and see where the areas are that a burglar could take advantage of in your home. After this assessment, we will sit down with your and discuss your options bearing in midn your budget. From anti-snap locks to shutters and bars, Leicester locksmiths are able to get you the solution that will both seal up your home against burglars and not breakn the bank.

Locksmith Leicester For Lock Outs

Locksmith Leicester for lock out, because locksmith Leicester has over 20 years experience and with that experience comes skill and trade, we aim to be the most professional and easy to use locksmith service in the whole of the land, and we think we’ve got the simplicity part down to a tee already.NO damage to your door with Locksmith Leicester

Locksmith Leicester is quick to get out in an emergency, that’s why we say locksmith Leicester in an emergency lock out situation. Locksmith Leicester get to you fast because we already have people out and about ready to strike when we’re needed, our device depends on us being reliable and trustworthy 24/7 365 days a year.

Call today and speak to one of our trained office advisors who’ll talk you through your call in the most professional manner and quickly too because locksmith Leicester knows in a lock out situation all you want to do is get back in to your home or business. We make that possible through our office staff through to our locksmiths being in tune with each other and acting completely professional. Call today

New Business? Call Locksmith Leicester

We are a local locksmith that has been working in the area of Leicester for years and we know what customers need when it comes to adequate home security. Not only that though, we serve business customers too and local businesses in the area we are particularly passionate about protecting. That’s because any set back in your business from a burglary or damage caused by a break in is likely to affect your business substantially. You may have to shut your business for a while until the damage is repaired or until the items stolen are replaced. Ensure that there won’t be any set backs in the success of your business today by calling on Locksmith Leicester as soon as you set up your business.

We make it easy for local businesses by offering competitive prices in Leicester city. We want all local services to be able to afford our professional locksmith services so that they can adequately protect their business from break ins. If you find yourself struggling to know where to start with your business security, call on the local leicester locksmiths who can use their experience and practised eye to get you a better security solution. Our locksmiths perform security surveys that aim towards spotting what the issues are in your home security.

From there Leicester locksmith can sit down with you and discuss your options. More robust options like shutters and bars across your doors and windows for the end of the trading day tend to be popular. Firstly because they are effective at preventing break-ins, and secondly because they act as a deterrent from burglars even trying. This prevents your business still suffering from the consequences of an attempted break in. Trust in a local locksmith who knows how to get its customers security that can withstand burglaries today. Call on locksmith Leicester for highly affordable, high quality security.

Locksmith Leicester Home Security

Here at Locksmith Leicester we’re serious about home security and we think you should be too. We attend a high volume of jobs where people had wished they had taken their home security a little more seriously before they had to call us out. Home security hasn’t got to be as expensive as it sounds and you could easily tighten up the security in your home for much less than you might think.

Feel safe in LeicesterBut where should you start when thinking about the security of your home? We think the best and only place to start is your garden, we treat your garden as a bridge between the outside world and your cosy home. Locksmith Leicester recommend getting an external light with a motion sensor, that you might be able to find at your local hardware store. We think this can help scare off unwanted visitors before they even get close to your house.

Another recommendation from locksmith Leicester is to check the materials of your doors and the lock types on those doors and then do some research into the most common type of break in through that particular material of door or type of lock. For instance the most common type of break in on a UPVC door is a lock snapping, checking your locks for anti snap locks and then changing them if they aren’t could save you from falling prey to a lock snapper.

 UPVC Door locksmith Leicester repair and installers

locksmith leicester emergency serviceIf you have an emergency and need a service on short notice, whether it’s to fit locks, help you repair or secure a broken lock or if you are in need of an emergency locksmith in Leicester when you are locked out, you can always pick up the phone to us.

This means that we are always ready to repair a sliding door lock and always on standby as to help you when you are in the biggest need. So make sure that you note our locksmith name and number down, leaving you with the of having one of our renowned locksmith Leicester experts available at any time, and fast to address your sliding door lock.

There can be much stress and difficult situations related when it comes to issues with being unable to lock your house or unable to gain access. This is why a locksmith Leicester field emergency service which is trusted and have resolved countless issues over the years, is placing great priority on your emergency when you call. Prepared and ready.


So regardless of your emergency, if you have lost your keys have gone astray, or if your lock has malfunctioned when you are in a hurry, why not call a locksmith Leicester who will be able to help you quick and easy without causing too big of a locksmith disruption to your daily life. Our services are ready to assist you, no matter the problem.

Here you can of course also find any other locksmith Leicester which you can imagine, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with a friendly, dedicated and experienced lads and lasses in our quarters to help with the service you are in need of today. Feel free to give us a call at any time!

Locksmith Leicester Mechanical Code Locks

locksmith Leicester deal with loads of different types of lock, not only over the years but week by week we come across different jobs all the time, this is why we need to stay alert and ready for anything at the start of the day. Locksmith Leicester provide quick response times and competitive rates with no VAT and no call out charge 24/7 365 days of the year any day any time, and it’s because of this that we have to know about every type of lock, even the less common locks like for instance the mechanical code lock.Code Lock

Locksmith Leicester can fit, fix, replace, and install any type of mechanical code lock, whether you’re locked out of a faulty one, would like a replacement, or are looking to save some money on keys and would like one installing then locksmith Leicester will provide this service so long as you’re in the Leicester or surrounding areas. Mechanical code locks are good for offices with lots of staff and private doors that hold equipment that needs to be used regularly. This is because you then don’t have to provide everyone with keys, or even worse replace the lock and supply everyone with new keys if one of the original set get lost.

Instead you can just give the code to the people who need it. Mechanical code locks usually come with numbers and a few letters and a cancel button, you must enter the right code to pass through, too few or too many numbers and the lock won’t open neither will it open if you press the wrong key, if you press the wrong key you must press the cancel button and start the code again. Mechanical code locks aren’t cheap for a good one at least, they can be sequential or non it depends what you need. Locksmith Leicester can supply and fit these locks.

Local locksmith Leicester security product specialists

locksmith Leicester door lockHaving the backing of guaranteed and insured locksmith is always a relief, and this is especially important if you are not well travelled in the fields of joy. Close understanding is held by the staff to that point and that is also the reason why all work performed by our locksmith Leicester professionals is guaranteed.

That doesn’t change our highly competitive locksmith prices either, and dedication to you and people who live close to our practice in the slightest. The dedicated team members at a locksmith Leicester are glad to be able to do a good thing in helping area rise as a general in or simply installing.


Working hard is part of what we do, and the motivation we need for doing so we find from our satisfied locksmith Leicester customers who we have left in a safer and more secure situation than the one that they came to us in.

Installation guarantee, product guarantee and of course a guarantee of a friendly and helpful service which is there for your benefit, is what you get when you call the number at the top of this page, and what’s better is that you can call it at any time should a locksmith Leicester emergency creep up on you.

Understand your home security with locksmith Leicester professionals

locksmith Leicester secures your home

With the hustle and bustle of every day life, your locksmith Leicester is hardly surprised that most people are unaware about the extent of their security that is meant to protect their homes. Employing the services of an expert locksmith Leicester will allow you to become better informed and educated about the steps you can take to ensure your home is as protected as it possible can be. There’s no need for home security to be disregarded when it can be addressed very easily. After all, when you put your mind to it, taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family should not really require that much effort.

Understanding your home security begins with understanding that your security can be improved in a number of ways. There are more cost-effective methods which now exist, but that also doesn’t stop people from investing in high-tech security such as CCTV, alarms systems and digital locking devices. Once that is understood, your locksmith Leicester can provide professional, tailored advice on what solutions may be most appropriate for your particular property. The way to go about this is by first having a discussion with a friendly member of our team on the phone. They can arrange with you a convenient time for one of our expert locksmith Leicester to travel to your home and conduct an in-depth security survey. This will highlight any potential weaknesses and present you with a range of options which you can take in order to improve your security.

If you should decide on any upgrades, our locksmith Leicester can carry out the work there and then. Our vans are always fully stocked which means we can provide a speedy and effective remedy whenever you need it. Furthermore, our hardworking team will always provide you with expert knowledge and tips. This will include ways to secure your property and ways to maintain such security. Simply by taking a few minutes every now and then to consider the state of your residence will leave you with a safer home, going in long-term cost savings and peace of mind.

Old Locks? Consider An Upgrade!

You might be in a property whose locks you have never had changed or upgraded. You moved in and haven’t touched them, and they are still there today. If you’re in an old property Locksmith Leicester advises you to consider getting them changed today. Old or wearing locks can be weak points for you property against burglaries. You need to be sure that your home can withstand forced entry or attempts to snap the locks by burglars. And old locks simply won’t stand that force. Sleep better in your home knowing that you have locks with the latest technology and installed by a professional locksmith who really knows how to do a job well.

lock changes and new keys

Locksmiths Leicester not only installs new locks, but uses locks that are the best in the business. We consider any lock work we do – lock repairs, changes, installations or when we change them from lock out situations – to be an oppportunity to improve our customers’ security. So we naturally use the best tools, the latest locksmith industry recommended approach, and the very best lock materials. The current favourite of our expert locksmiths is anti-snap technology. This is designed to prevent burglars being able to snap locks to get entry. Two birds, one stone.

None of this comes at an additional cost to you, it is incorporated into the work that we do. When you call on Leicester Locksmith we are able to get you a comprehensive locksmith service. Our experience goes way back and so we have been able to develop and update our approach as the locksmith industry has updated. We start with our experience and what works best that we have seen evidenced in customer feedback, and incorporate any modern approach or tool where we consider it would benefit the customer most. Using the latest tools also lets our friendly local locksmiths do their job faster and better too. So we consider it to be beneficial to both Leicester locksmiths and its customers.

Locksmith Leicester Special Locks

Here at locksmith Leicester we deal with a high volume of calls and so we’ve had to simplify our system to the max in order to save you and us time in an emergency situation, the shorter the phone call the less time people have to wait outside their homes for. With simplifying a system comes it’s dangers, one of the most common dangers is minor irregularities on locks that make them either a bit more expensive or a little trickier to replace.Special Locks in Leicester

Does that mean we just go home and give up? Absolutely not, locksmith Leicester will find the parts for your lock if we haven’t’ already got them. The most common type of lock this happens with is with alternatively shaped euro cylinder. A normal euro cylinder is almost ice cream cone shaped or light bulb shaped, but that doesn’t mean we don’t come across and deal with the other shapes too.

The most common uncommon shape of euro cylinder is the oval shaped euro cylinder, these are a little more expensive to buy than normal euro cylinders whilst they don’t improve your safety and the difference is purely aesthetic. Locksmith Leicester are around 24/7 365 days of the year so just call us out or book us in whenever you want and we can be there to change your locks no problem, locksmith Leicester can also install new locks to doors that didn’t previously have them on.

Locksmith Leicester Any Time Any Weather

Here at locksmith Leicester we’ve been caching the rays and seeing everyone enjoying themselves in the sun, the pubs are packed and it really feels like a great summer for the whole country, however that’s when we don’t have work because when it’s sunny and we do have work, boy does that make things harder. So does that mean we’ll be taking any days off or waiting for the heatwave to go? No, we’re still open 24/7 365 days a year it’s business as usual for the locksmith Leicester team. Well what about charging you more for the same service because it’s hot. Absolutely not, we’re open and it’s business as usual, that’s from the price down to the response time, we’re her for you any time, any weather!24/7 service with locksmith Leicester

Locksmith Leicester know it can be stressful when you need a locksmith out especially when you’re locked out, that’s why locksmith Leicester try and make everything simple, because when it’s simple for our customers it’s simple for us.

Locksmith Leicester deal with all sorts of locks and doors and won’t shy away from a challenge. Call today and speak to one of our friendly advisors today and see how fast and easy it is to deal with, locksmith Leicester. Call us now and speak to one of our trained advisors who’ll guide you to a solution for any locksmith issues, what’s more our office staff are trained to answer questions about all aspects of the business. Call today.

Locksmith Leicester UPVC Doors

Locksmith Leicester deal with loads and loads of different types of locks and key and door materials, we can be dealing with the most simple of yale lock outs the one minute then from that to a new lock installation on a metal door. The point is, here at locksmith Leicester we’re always prepared for anything. One of the most common types of problem people in Leicester have with their doors are to do with Upvc doors and the parts inside them going wrong. That’s why as your local locksmith Leicester and local Upvc door specialist we carry all parts for most upvc doors.Doors

Locksmith Leicester use anti snap euro cylinders when we replace any cylinder on your Upvc door and even if you don’t choose to get your work done by us here at locksmith Leicester, we still advise that you check with whoever is replacing your Upvc doors euro cylinders and make sure that they are also using at least anti snap locks, as the most common break in method through these upvc doors is the method known as lock snapping, with anti snap locks this isn’t a concern.

Locksmith Leicester don’t just change locks on Upvc doors though! Locksmith Leicester can also repair or replace your multi point locking mechanism inside your door, and do it at a competitive rate. Call today and check our availability, if we’re quiet we could end someone out to you in the same day as your initial call.

Safe installation with a locksmith Leicester expert

Locksmith Leicester safe installationOur locksmith team sometimes find some attitudes to security quite perplexing. After all, in some cases we take more care of some things than others, when surely everything that matters to us should be protected. If you look at business owners, they go through a whole host of trouble to protect their premises. Obviously commercial premises are very varied and include warehouses, shops, offices and industrial complexes to name but a few. If just look at shops on the high street, this locksmith Leicester notices the high level of investment in security. Thorough alarm systems, CCTV, heavy duty locks installed in doors and safes in the office to protect important documents and the day’s takings. Of course, business owners tend to have bigger budgets for security, but it doesn’t mean the same level of thinking should not apply to our homes.

One area of the business world that your local locksmith Leicester is always keen to see transferred over to our home lives is that of ensuring you have a safe installed at your property. All safes supplied, installed and maintained by our team of local security experts are available in a wide range of specifications to suit any budget. All safes installed by a professional locksmith Leicester are guaranteed resistant to fire and burglar-proof. That means that once you’ve stored any valuables and important documentation within your safe, you can be sure that should the worst happen, at least everything within shall remain safe.

This aspect of safety is especially important when going to work for the day or jetting off on holiday for a few weeks. It’s important we can relax about our homes being safe and ensuring you have the correct safe installed can go a long way toward creating peace of mind. Call one of our expert locksmith Leicester team today for a discussion on any installation you may require.

Small businesses better off with locksmith Leicester assistance

locksmith cctv in warehouseWarehouses, shops and office blocks – to name but a few different types of commercial premises – are all places of business with which your expert locksmith Leicester has offered their services over the years. Each type of property provides a unique set of challenges for security and each will have different means to ensure security. What’s important is that your locksmith Leicester has both the skills and experience available to always deliver quick and effective security for all types of business.

What your locksmith Leicester is particularly proud of is assisting small businesses. Unlike larger companies who may have the added benefit of large insurance policies, when trouble strikes at the business premises of a small business owner it can have devastating consequences. Therefore, whilst your commercial locksmith Leicester does not discriminate in who it provides assistance to, it does take particular pride in helping those who need it most. If a small business has their property adequately secured they can then focus on the most important aspect of their business, making it a success and generating as large amount of profit as possible!

When small businesses move into a new office or warehouse or any other type of premises, the first thing they should do is contact their professional locksmith Leicester. Unlike our competitors, we will always provide a free security survey to highlight any potential weaknesses in the property and make recommendations as to what may improve the security of the premises. As a full-service locksmith Leicester, our helpful and friendly team can assist you with every single aspect of the moving in process. If you need your locks changed and/or alarm and CCTV systems installed, then you can rely on the work of your locksmith Leicester. If your premises is going to be trading and you need somewhere to store the day’s takings, we can assist you in installing a security safe. In fact, if you need lockers for your employees, we can both supply and install those!

If you’re a small local business, why not speak to the expert local business that can help you secure your property and more for unbeatable prices?

Locksmith Leicester recommend being sensible when deterring burglars

deterring burglarsWhen thinking about home security, the most important thing to do first and foremost is focus on the basics. By way of example, that means that if you have a wooden door, you should ensure you have at least a mortise deadlock. Similarly, if you have a UPVC door you should ensure you have at least an anti-bump, anti-snap British Standard euro cylinder lock. If you’re unsure about what your property may have, your local locksmith Leicester will always be available to take your call and discuss your security requirements with you.

Once that has been taken care of, it’s worth thinking of the possible measures you can take to ensure your property isn’t targeted in the first place. After all, whilst your locking mechanism is likely to be a determining factor in the security of your property, it cannot always be a 100% guarantee against outside intrusion. As such, investing in effective deterrents is as much part of the security process.

Your locksmith Leicester believes it is best to combine deterrent which stimulate the senses, particularly sight, sounds and touch. For sight, it’s worth ensuring that your property is well lit at all times, especially when your away it’s worth investing in timers which light up your property at particular times of day or night. After all, a burglar will want to steer clear of any property that exposes them. For sounds, your helpful locksmith Leicester likes to recommend man’s best friend, your dog! Of course a puppy is for life and should not be bought solely as a means of protection. However, if your dog gets excited by barking when someone is near your property, this can be an excellent means of deterring unwanted visitors. If not, why not invest in a motion activated barking dog alarm? Sure you might miss the years of love and affection a dog brings, but it saves on costs and protects your home all the same. Then for touch it’s simple. If your house is protected by fencing or walls, make sure you use burglar-proof (slippery) paint.

If you require any further information, your locksmith Leicester is always available and always happy to provide helpful advice to assist you with your security matters.

Locksmith Leicester Get To You Fast

Here at locksmith Leicester we know it can be a massive pain to find yourself locked out, or that you’ve lost your keys, we also know that it can be even more stressful to find someone available to let you in who can get to you in no time. Well not to worry as this problem is no more, as locksmith Leicester have got you covered, any time any lock any place in Leicester we can come out and help you with any locksmith services you may require from us. Locksmith Leicester have a team of locksmiths that are constantly on the move around the whole of Leicester so chances are we probably have someone near to you already, that’s how we here at locksmith Leicester keep our response times so fast!

All of our staff are fully trained before we allow them to attend a job, so you can rest assured we’re sending you who knows how to deal with your lock in the best and most cost effective way possible. What’s more is that we also CRB check and vet all of our team before they’re allowed to join our team, because for us it’s just as important that you can trust our workers than it is for you to trust their abilities as a locksmith!Fast arrival by Locksmith Leicester

Call today and see if we can’t get someone out to help you with your lock issue! Locksmith Leicester won’t make you talk to automated messages or keep you on hold half a day waiting to speak to the right person, because here at locksmith Leicester their isn’t a wrong person, all of our office staff are fully trained and ready to answer any questions you might have for them. Locksmith Leicester, here for you!

Locksmith Leicester providing innovative security for small, local businesses

innovative securityThe working of a locksmith Leicester has moved far from the traditional lock and key methods that have survived for centuries. Make no mistake, these are still the most common jobs requested by the people of Leicester, but there has been a slow gradual move away from traditional security. Whilst there is a reason that these methods have existed for centuries, the developments in the security market are exciting and bold and present a new opportunity and manner in which people can protect their homes and businesses.

How you can protect your property largely depends on the type of door you have. UPVC doors can be somewhat limited relative to wooden and aluminium doors and it is mainly the quality of the cylinder that you would be changing. However, when it comes to the other doors, there’s a lot you can do no matter if it’s for your domestic or commercial premises.

Your locksmith Leicester has seen a particular increase in the uptake of electrical door installations by small businesses in the city. Electric strikes can be popularly found on shared flats and are operated in conjunction with a telecom. Similarly, shared offices like to make use of electric strikes as it allows you to know who is coming into your business and when. Similarly, the use of an electrical mechanism ensures that, depending on the electrical equipment you have installed with it, you will never have to worry about losing keys again! Not only that, but no key means no possibility of having the local picked! Similarly to these, electromagnetic locks have also proved increasingly popular. These work in a similar way and the locking force is quite staggering which means your property will always be totally secure.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to protect your property, your professional locksmith Leicester is always available to take your call and discuss the options that are available to you.

Digital locks and high-tech security installations with locksmith Leicester

locksmith Leicester high-tech security installationsWhenever your locksmith Leicester receives a call from a customer, it is nearly always something to do with a key related issue. Maybe your key has snapped off in your UPVC door? Perhaps you lost your key on a night out? Or maybe you were unlucky enough to pop out the house for once second and have the door slam shut behind you with your keys inside. Whatever the reason may be, it’s nearly always keys that are at fault.

But what if there was a way to secure your property without the need for keys? What if it was possible to have a keyless entry system. When many people think of keyless entry systems they think of high-tech security systems which will cost a lot of time and money to install. However, your locksmith Leicester regularly installs digital locks which simply require numbers to be punched in in order to secure your property.

Previously commonly found in offices, schools and hospitals, digital locks have made a remarkable leap over into the domestic property market. Of course one of the main benefits is that you no longer have to worry about losing your keys! Now all you have to do is remember the code to your property. The benefits of this are untold. Not only will it remove the need for a locksmith should you be locked out, it also allows you to give access to as many or as few people as you like. This then removes the need for key cutting! Also, should you want to restrict access, you simply manually reprogram the lock without the need of a locksmith.

If you would like more information on what may be available to you, make sure you call your professional locksmith Leicester today.

Can a locksmith Leicester professional help me with my insurance policy validation?

The best way to make sure that you are up to date and in line with what your insurance company states in your policy. Is to get an expert on the job. With a security check, your home or workplace can be surveyed by a trained worker. Who with hawkeyes will check your every lock, entry point and scan the area for other threats.

get your home insurance policy validated with locksmith Leicester specialistsThe best way to have your insurance policy validated, is by getting in touch with local locksmith security surveyors. The lock and security features stipulated in the policy will also be checked off against what you have, and should any upgrades be required, we can provide fast replacements and installations. Without hassle or big effort for yourself. The policy that you may pay premium for can be validated and put in action by a skilled and friendly locksmith worker.

It goes without saying, if you are forking out for insurance every month, then you should have the security in place to accompany it. But that is not the only reason to give your home security some tenderness. The first reason to keep yourself safe and security with up to date locks and high security solutions. Is of course you’re safety. The safety of your family and those you love. And lastly, the security of the financial investments that you’ve placed into your home and the valuable items that you keep there.

Contact the skilled professionals in the locksmith area today for help with your insurance policy validation. For your lock check and change needs. For your alarm installation requirements. And of course feel free to call us at any time if there is an emergency lock situation that needs a skilled locksmith engineer to come out pronto.

Security upgrades in line with your home insurance policy from your local locksmith Leicester

latch lock homeMany people often have difficulty on coming to a decision when it concerns an upgrade of their home security. After all, with so much choice on the marketplace, it can often be difficult to know where to start. What’s more, a Leicester security expert now offers more services then you could possibly imagine, including high-tech security installations such as CCTV systems and alarm systems. The expert locksmith Leicester team are known for giving professional advice tailored to your specific property. The locksmith Leicester team are capable of giving such expert security solutions by carrying out security surveys of your property before all major works. This allows the professional lock technicians to be able to assess any weak points and vulnerabilities to your property before commencing any work.

Our Leicester security experts are also constantly testing brand new products released by trusted security brands such as Yale, ABS and Chubb. This means that our security experts, and ultimately your security, can be kept up to date to deal with any changes in potential threats. Additionally, your locksmith Leicester service can keep prices low and reasonably priced by determining which products offer the most cost-effective security. This professional locksmith Leicester team have always believed that everyone in Leicester should have access to effective security. By regularly testing products, we can pass on the cost savings to you. That’s not to say your local locksmith Leicester would ever skimp on quality. All locks used by the locksmith Leicester professionals are British Standard locks. This is important as it not only ensures that you have effective security, it also ensures that your insurance policy will be valid. This is a minimum requirement for most home insurance providers and if there’s ever any concern, your friendly locksmith Leicester can help you dissect your policy to ensure any work we carry out validates your cover.

Locksmith Leicester Different Types Of Lock

Here at locksmith Leicester we deal with many different types of locks, and many different types of locks have taught us a whole lot about being a locksmith. Although we’ve seen endless amounts of locks we mainly deal with three types of locks. these are;

  • Mortise Locks – These are heavy duty locks that can only be opened by a key from both sides. The hardest to drill through and the most expensive to replace, usually opened by an L shaped key. Usually found on front doors of houses and older properties.choose the lock you need with Locksmith Leicester
  • Euro Cylinder – These are mostly found on Upvc doors and are the easiest to drill through and break. locksmith Leicester advises you check that you get anti snap and anti pick locks if you’re thinking about replacing your euro cylinder. The keys are short and flat.
  • Night Latches – These are often referred to as yale locks, however yale is just a brand of lock that makes the lock and they aren’t actually limited to making night latches. These are found as second locks to front doors and in apartment and flat buildings, to ensure that anyone can leave the building at any time during an emergency.

All of our locks are up to the relevant British standard so you can be sure that your insurer will still cover you after we’ve left. If you have any questions about the types of locks or the brands of locks we use, then just give us a call, our trained office staff couldn’t be friendlier and will do their best to handle your call as professionally as they possibly can.

Combat the rise of crime with cost-effective home security upgrades from your Leicester locksmith

Door chainOver the past few months we’ve received an increasing number of calls from customers who are concerned about reports on rising crime rates in Leicester. While the validity of these reports is often disputed, it doesn’t prevent the fact that people should ensure their homes are adequately protected. After all, failure to do so can lead to additional stress and anxiety which has a detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing. So, to lead a better life, it’s important to ensure adequate protection through using a trusted, local locksmith Leicester.

We understand that customers are often concerned at what price additional security may come. While we believe that you should not put a price on protecting your home, we are realistic and understand that some people simply cannot afford high-end security. It is for this reason that we always recommend and use cost-effective measures to protect properties in Leicester. No one should be priced out of protecting their home and we’re sure you’ll agree upon completion, that our methods and products used adhere to that principle. Check out our locksmith partners in Bristol.

One very simple way of protecting your property is to install a door chain. Many often mistakenly believe that these are only a convenient method of seeing who is at the door before deciding on whether or not to let them. However, they can also provide effective security to your property when it needs it most. If a criminal can make it past the locking mechanism only to be greeted by a door chain, the breaking and entering comes somewhat harder. To enter the property, the criminal will probably attempt to barge the door down to get through the chain. Such noise won’t go unnoticed by either yourself or a neighbour, which provides sufficient time to call the authorities. While it may only save a few minutes, that can be all the difference in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

These can be installed on any door, including UPVC doors. While these have an effective locking mechanism, this is not adequate unless the correct euro cylinder is installed. We only use affordable, high-quality anti-snap cylinders to ensure your property is given the protection it deserves.

For more information on cost-effective security improvements to your front door or any other works you’d like to have carried out, call one of our friendly local locksmiths Leicester today.

Can a locksmith Leicester security specialist help me protect my whole area?

With reference to a small garage, a detached garage, and outdoor structures for your home environment. Of course a skilled locksmith Leicester technician is here to help with protection and high security solutions at all times. The same goes for larger areas, garden security, security fences and gates.

Specialist locksmith Leicester needs fill full area security requirementsThe first aspect of home security or security for your business. Is locks, that includes locks to your gates, to your garage, to your shutter and more. Speak to us about your specific needs today and let a local locksmith Leicester professional help you personalise your solution. Alarms, locks, cameras and other security features are best discussed on site and with a main operator or the homeowner of the site. Skilled locksmith Leicester security specialists are always ready and nearby to assist in case of emergencies such as lockouts. And always flexible should there be a difficult daily schedule to fit in with that you tackle with.

Lock changes, lock installation and security inspections which cover both indoor and outdoor grounds is available with the friendly service here. A locksmith Leicester helper can secure you and your business to high standards at low cost though flexibility. Adaptability, applicability and of course awareness of security is also something we are high advocates of. Have a chat about security, about locks, about alarms and about how it all fits in with your property today. On the number, local, fast and flexible locksmith Leicester are ready and always happy to help. Industry knowledge, training, experience are thing collected by dedicated locksmith Leicester workers through the years. Take part and benefit of it straight away though calling locksmith Leicester locals who know security now.

Insured Locksmiths

They are called emergency lockout situations as they cause stress and often put a spanner in the works of our plans, and of course they are unpredictable. But not to worry, Save the number and have it ready at your disposal at that lockout time of need; our insured locksmiths will come to your aid in the fastest possible way, no matter what time it is.

They will make your safety their priority. Keep safe and secure in every way you can by deciding on a service which is there only for you. From high security door locks to new locks and more, ring us now to find out more about the wide span of locksmith Leicester services you can find with the caring professionals here.

Can a bolt installation from a locksmith Leicester specialist improve my home security?

door boltWhen people think of a locksmith, they often wrongly assume that the main focus of the profession is on locking mechanisms. In fact, the profession’s raison d’être is security, which covers a much wider range of solutions than simply locking systems.

As with other areas around the UK, Leicester has faced a rise in criminal activity. As such, people need to have access to cost-effective security and cost-effective deterrents to ward off unwelcome visitors. Your local locksmith Leicester has always believed that efficient home security doesn’t have to be expensive, but there are some steps which are more simple than others to properly secure your property.

While most front doors may have a mortise lock and/or a Yale lock, this might not be enough on its own. If a burglar is able to get through your locking system, then they immediately have access to your property. This is why we recommend adding a bolt lock to your door. These can either go into the door frame like your lock, or can actually bolt into the floor. Whichever method is more appropriate, both options still add an extra layer of security for next-to-nothing compared to more high-tech solutions. If you have bolts attached to the bottom and top of your door, it means that should you be greeted by the most unpleasant of situations, it would take a lot for an unwelcome visitor to actually access your property. As your locksmith Leicester can testify from routine product testing, trying to break a bolted door lock is not easy!

Then there’s even more simple additions. We always recommend properties which have doors with exposed cylinders to consider escutcheon plates. These act as a protective casing for your cylinder and bed it firmly into the door. This makes almost impossible for anyone to try and remove the cylinder itself.

Improving your home security doesn’t have to be expensive and with Leicester’s Locksmiths, you will always have a friendly lock engineer available to work within your budget and secure your property.

Protect Your Home With Good Security Routines

Locksmith Leicester is a local locksmith that is really passionate about its customers’ security. We don’t want customers to jeopardise their home security nor their own security, or that of their loved ones, with a sub-standard home security solution. And we can definitely get you improved home security today. Our reliable friendly locksmiths have been working in leicester for years and can perform security surveys on your home with a practised eye. With a range of security upgrades and options tailored to your home’s weaknesses and concerns, as well as your budget, there is something for everyone when you use us as your local locksmith leicester.

However, it isn’t all on us when it comes to protecting your home. The security is only as good as the person using it in the home! Locksmiths Leicester encourages its customers to get into good security routines now. It needn’t be complex, nor your security be high tech or flashy. All it takes is being mindful about your security and how important it is. A change of mindset will quickly lead to a change of actions and prioritisation of safety over anything else. So what free tips can the professional locksmith near me give you today?

Start by making every person in your home jointly responsible for your home security. It shouldn’t fall on one person. And by doing this, you can ensure that every entry point in your home is protected against burglaries. For example, someone could be responsible for shutting upstairs windows when you all go to bed, and someone responsible for downstairs. Agree on safe places in your home to place house and car keys out of sight of windows so that opportunist burglars can’t reach into open windows to grab them. Also placing valuable items near windows encourages burglars to break in to see what else you may have. Simple things like this can go a long way in the long term experience of Leicester locksmiths.

Locksmith Leicester British Standards And Insurance

Here at Locksmith Leicester, we have a responsibility to use the correct locks, this is because if we use the wrong locks and someone was to burglarised, you might not be covered by your insurance. This is why locksmith Leicester only use locks that are up to British Standards. Obviously you can’t tell how good a lock is by just looking at it and that’s why the Britsish Standards Institutes set up a group of tests that test the strength of the lock against the most popular types of break in for that lock. There are many types of British Standards for locks and their different types and purposes, these are;British And Insurance Standards with Locksmith Leicester

  • BS3621 – This covers mortise and cylinder lip locks that use keys to lock and unlock the door on both sides, the standard states that these locks are safe from burglars and breaking as long as the key is safe and out of reach.
  • BS8621 – This covers locks that use a key to lock and unlock from the outside but can be opened or locked without a key from the inside, with something like a thumb tab, these locks are used in flats or apartment complexes, allowing anyone to leave a premises when they need to in an emergency.
  • BS10621 – This is the standard for locks that can only be opened with a key from the outside, these locks can be opened from the inside with out a lock but only if the owner hasn’t disabled this function.

If you’re replacing or looking to see whether your locks are British Standard and aren’t sure what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to call one of our trained advisors who’ll guide you through your call, and tell you just what you’re looking for. We don’t use automated messages and we won’t make you wait on hold for half a day, we’ll put you through to one of our friendly team, who are trained to answer questions about all aspects of the business, not to try and sell you something.

Can locksmith Leicester professionals secure my business for the coming year of growth?

Business high security with locksmith Leicester installersIf you are in the midst of tending to your growing business. Perhaps it’s a business of items or a business of services. It doesn’t matter. For us, any property that you use for work, or stock keeping is in need of the right type of security for the situation. With locksmith Leicester specialists you can find that security, easy, affordable and fast. Even for a starting business.

Don’t let your efforts be wasted, or your time be wasted by lengthy and difficult procedures which can occur after a break in or theft has occurred. Keep focus on what you are trying to achieve, and let your business security grow together with the business that you’re building. Speak to skilled locksmith Leicester engineers now to find the right solution for you.

We understand well that each different business will have its own unique set of requirements. Which is why we make a point of always working with each premise individually. Surveying and consultations are services we offer at competitive prices, and of course intuitive, fast and effective, applicable security solutions for your business are put in place fast. For your comfort and convenience.

To keep the incoming new year safe and secure. To be able to allow your business to grow without risk. Speak to locksmith Leicester specialists on security now. Our advisers know well what risks you face in the area, and can help you in finding the perfect lock, key, alarm, safe and other security solution for you. We are in in for the long run. Just as you are. And understand well the demands on security for a growing business.

Specialist locksmith Leicester engineers are available on call all hours of the day and night as well. Welcoming your questions, your emergency lockout needs and anything else that may crop up along the way.

Top end security features, affordably from your locksmith Leicester specialists now

As the industry market full of alarms, features, lock systems and more move forward fast. The up to date and alert team of locksmith Leicester are here and ready to assist you with what you need. We keep up to date with the fast moving pace of the industry so that you don’t have to. All you have to do is save the number for the skilled technicians here. With that, you’ll have high tech security at your fingertips and at affordable prices.

Great security for your every need with locksmith LeicesterInstallation work is fast, and the opportunity for customisation huge. With our locksmith Leicester technicians you are always in charge. You can pick features, styles, and types of security additions that you would like to have installed. Affordability is part of our promise. And by keeping with the market we can bring you the best deals out there present.

Locksmith Leicester can provide for any lock, key, security and alarm installation. Just as we can help with outdoor security, indoor security. Home security, and more. If you are interested in smart security, and home automation, we can also assist.

To keep the security rating of products available out there today. Ensure that you get a certified professional on the job of installation. Without the right alignment, the right tools and the right experience. Locks and alarm systems can lose their security rating. Professional assistance is always advised. But not to worry, with a locksmith Leicester it’s cheap, quick and as easy as picking up to the phone this very instant. Don’t go without the right security features for your home or business. Get up to date with the customised security solutions of this merited locksmith Leicester crew.

Test us for yourself now, give the friendly service crew a call straight away or at your closest convenience.

Locksmith Leicester Customer Service

We here at Locksmith Leicester think that one of the most important things to take into account as a business owner and as a serious one at that is customer service, for after all where would a business be without it’s customers, right? So it’s at some dismay that we see so many businesses often supposedly reputable big companies that talk the talk when it comes to customer service then fail to deliver the same sparkling treatment they had initially offered, we’ve even heard about companies charging some customers more based on where they live. We think this is a disgusting and foul way to conduct business and that’s why instead of just ranting on about how much we care about our customers and that customer service is so important to us, we’d rather just show you.Three keys

Firstly we do this by offering our customers or anyone for that matter a 24/7 365 day a year pone line where anyone is able to talk to us about any of the services we offer or anything they might have a few questions about. And this isn’t some automated phone line with no one available after 5, this phone line doesn’t contain a single automated robot, as we feel you’d rather speak to a human, don’t believe us? call up now and see what we can do for you today!

Locksmith Leicester Burglar Alarms

Here at locksmith Leicester we take home security very seriously, and we think you should too. That’s why we endorse the installation and use of burglar alarms to help protect your home from potential burglars. We’ve always recommended a good burglar alarm in working order to anyone who doesn’t like being broken in to. A recent study by Which? found that 7% of people asked with a fire alarm had been victim of a burglary or an attempted burglary and a further 1 in 10 of those 7% had been targeted more than once.

Alarms with Locksmith Leicester

Another part of the study asked former burglars what the most likely thing to deter them, and 70% of the people asked said burglar alarms was the most likely thing to put them off burglarising a house.

So what type of system is best suited to your home? There are two main types of systems used in the UK and they are stand alone units, and monitored systems. Stand alone systems are just that, their triggered by burglars and when triggered make a incredibly loud noise designed to let your neighbours know you’re being burgled and to force the flight instinct of the burglar. The second type of system is better for people who don’t have neighbours in close proximity. Monitored systems are exactly that, the owner will pay a security firm to monitor the alarm and then call the police if it’s ever triggered.

Do i need to have an additional lock installed on my door?

From friendly and professional smiths and locksmith Leicester service providers. The recommendation will remain the same. Across the board the answer will always be yes. And additional, and correctly installed deadbolt mortise lock addition to your home or your business door is only a good thing. In some cases insurances companies will require it as part of your policy.

If you are paying a premium, make sure that your security is up to date with a skilled locksmith Leicester technician today. What good is paying for a policy which will bring you claim benefits in case of emergency. Get in touch now, and let us help you with the additional lock installation you need. In the locksmith Leicester area, we can service your door and your security needs at any hour, and fast. We understand that your time is precious, and that security is not something that you wish to worry about. Just something that you wish to have resolved as soon as possible.

A trusted locksmith Leicester technician will bring what you need, when you need it. And all installation work will be guaranteed. Door lock repairs, emergency access and other lock and key needs are also services a trained locksmith Leicester professional can assist with. Find us here all hours, and find the security lock or other security features and alarm installations you need quick and easy with us.

A fast, friendly and ready locksmith Leicester security specialist is always ready and waiting for your call. Never mind the hour, your emergency is our priority.

Can a skilled lock specialist in locksmith Leicester local provide for custom security?

The dream for any home or business is to feel and be safe, whilst presenting a highly secure and confident exterior. The skilled personnel at a local locksmith Leicester practise know how important it is to keep on top of these points. And happily assist you with any or all of them, at any time. Speak to us about custom lock, key and alarm solutions that you would like to have put in place at home. Or discuss what custom security features that your business could do well with.

Custom high security locksmith Leicester installersAn up to date locksmith Leicester specialist will be whizzed up on the market, and know what is suitable for your needs, and make recommendations accordingly. To come to a specialist of high calibre, to trust your security and safety to a long running and experienced expert. And to have it all at competitive prices is rare. Find it with us. Call a loving custom lock specialist in your locksmith Leicester area now.

The number for our humble service is found above, and the phone is manned continuously. There is not a moment which we are not here and ready to take your call. Be it to book an appointment, to get an emergency lockout resolved or to simply ask your questions. Welcoming is the staff, and by having a locksmith Leicester technician you can trust on the line. No matter what time it is. You can rest well and assured that there are no security or lock issues that you can not have resolved, as quickly as possible with a skilled custom and flexible locksmith Leicester lock specialist.

Running a respected practice and making haste to ensure your happiness is part of what makes a nearby locksmith Leicester service who cares for you work so well.

Emergency locksmith Leicester

locksmith Leicester home securityTo regain the access you’ve lost quickly and at any time, to book in for easy lock and locksmith  checks in accordance to your day planner and to guarantee a high situation for yourself, the ones you love and the home or business that you’ve worked so hard to build is all part of what the experienced locksmith Leicester staff does.

We are dedicated to quality and service, both of which you will find to the highest standards when picking us for the requirements you have. Presenting you with the options and the information to make good decisions with regards to your locksmith is part of what we take pleasure in doing, and making sure that you never have to pay more that you need to for the locksmith Leicester you want instated is also part of the parcel.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

Our interest, curiosity and passion is and locks, and our service to you is one filled with dedication to what you need, including also a 24 hour available emergency locksmith Leicester line, for those times when what you need simply cannot wait. All of what we do is with your best interest in mind, and part of what we do is keep our eyes on current technology and new products, so we can pick up the good home and business deals you need from the industry market.

Many local homes and companies trust locksmith Leicester to see to their needs and keep them as sound and safe as can be. Quality is guaranteed, products are from trusted brands, and service is reputed as nothing less than great with us. Speak to locksmith Leicester now to resolve your situation and fulfil your daily or emergency needs now.

Locksmith Leicester Fast Response Times

Locksmith Leicester know that it’s a pain when you find yourself in a lock out situation, locksmith Leicester also know that it can be an even bigger struggle finding someone near to you that knows how to get you back in your home in the most cost effective way without immediately breaking your locks, but if required knows how to replace the locks, someone who isn’t going to take all week to get to you, and someone who’s not going to rip you off in the process.Fast Response Times in Leicester

Well if you’re in the Leicester area, you don’t need to worry about that anymore, as locksmith Leicester is here to put you right. Locksmith Leicester know that you probably don’t have the time to wait outside all day for someone to get to you, that’s why our response times are fast! Our whole service is based on the fundamental idea that getting a locksmith in an emergency should be quick, easy, and reasonably priced, that’s why we work so tirelessly 24/7 365 days a year to make sure the people of Leicester always have someone to call when they’re locked out.

Our whole service aims to be simple to use from start to finish, that starts from the time you call us up and speak to one of our advisors, right through to the locksmith coming out and letting you back into your home. Just because being locked out is stressful doesn’t mean that getting someone to let you back into your house has to be stressful too! Call us today.

Open window with locksmith Leicester window security specialists

chubb lock locksmith LeicesterOften forgotten during initial thoughts about home is the windows. Keep in mind that windows are often used as an entry point for many burglars out there, and today many burglars are also acrobatically skilled, and even if your windows are high above the ground, and seemingly unreachable by climbing, there are many who defy gravity to reach them if left open.

By calling locksmith Leicester professionals now and discussing your home , the skilled locksmith Leicester specialists will also bring this point up if it’s one that has not been taken into account as of yet. We see lacking window as a high risk for a reason.

Professional Locksmiths

If you would like to get the professional help you need to ensure that yours are secure window locks and latches are of the standard they need to be, you can ring us now.

A locksmith survey performed by the apt and skilled locksmith Leicester helpers will shed light on what you can do to keep your windows and your home well protected and secured.

Modern window locks differ greatly from older varieties which are easier to bypass, especially by the inventive and insistent thieves of today. All this talk about window and climbing burglars is not meant to scare you, locksmith Leicester security fanatics simply want to bring this risk, one which is on the rise, to your attention and ensure that you keep as safe and secure as you can be.

If you need help with any other or locksmith lock question of course your call is welcome at any time, and for your emergency lockout situations, a locksmith Leicester are here all hours so that you will never be without someone to call on for assistance.

The right lock for the right door and the right window with locksmith Leicester window lock installers today

euro cylinder locksmith LeicesterFinding the perfect locksmith Leicester solution for you is what we always work extra hard for, our dedication is to your safety, to the of the area and neighbourhood, and of course to you. Making sure that you rest well at night knowing that your locks are up to date for each and every possible entry point of your building, is a task we take very seriously.

In fact, all the products services you find with the hard workers at locksmith Leicester, are guaranteed to be finished to perfection. Should there be windows, doors, outdoor structures or locksmith  garage that you would like to be looked at by a professional, call locksmith Leicester garage security experts and book in now.

Security Inspection Locksmiths

A lock check or a full inspection of your building and the structures on your land is a simple, cheap and quick way to make sure that there are no angles missed.

Having experienced locksmith Leicester eyes scan your area for potential risks and threats is one of the best thing you can do for your property, and you can do it as soon as today. Our expert will make sure you have the right security solution for the job. Book in, it’s easy, just pick up the phone and have a chat to locksmith Leicester today.

Should there be regular repairs, lock and alarm installations, or other things to do with your that needs maintenance and upgrades, please also keep us in mind. A Locksmith Leicester professional always work flexibly and fastidiously for you. Our greatly positive reputation has spawned from that. So join the many who today have decided that they will give their home or business a little extra love and attention, and do it easily and conveniently with locksmith Leicester now.

Encompassing customer service from flexible locksmith Leicester repair specialists

keySimply providing a flat locksmith Leicester service, for example a lock installation doesn’t take a business far today. The market demands great service, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and trusted. This demand is something a locksmith Leicester staff member sees as a great thing, and we happily do our utmost to be able to provide all the before mentioned to excellent standards.

We are happy that the market and the industry is a challenging one, as it keeps us on our toes and it keeps the challenge fresh for every new customer and home that we provide for.

If you get in touch with us now, a locksmith Leicester worker will accept your call and listen to your requirements as well as provide you with a competitive quote for the work or service you need done.

Solutions for Home and Business

Taking care of you and you, or perhaps the value of your business is what locksmith Leicester lives for, and making your home as impenetrable as possible, as prepared and ready as possible, and as easy to use as possible for you is our reward.

Home or business is no doubt a work in progress, but that doesn’t stop locksmith Leicester from pushing the boundaries of what is possible and working to make your solution a long lasting one, which is easy to work with in the future should additions be needed.

Speak to us now by calling a locksmith Leicester service which you can trust on the number above and get more relevant information on the subject now, all your questions are of course more than welcome and you can count on quotes to be highly competitive and products to never drop below a high standard.

Do I need a home safe installation with locksmith Leicester?

There are many different reasons that you may want a safe, and locksmith Leicester highly advise getting one as you never know what may occur in life. People often think of safes as just for protection against burglars, and while that is true, there are many other reasons you may need a safe and many different types of safe.

One thing people often don’t think about is getting a fire safe. This protects valuable documents, such as wills and birth certificates, in the case of a fire. These are some of the most useful types of safe and definitely worth your consideration.home safe locksmith leicester

Then we have more classic burglary safes, which come in a wide variety of types. Standalone safes are the most common and come in a range of sizes. It is wise to get larger safes, as small safes are able to be picked up and taken by a burglar, giving them time to break into it once they have left your home. Standalone safes come in many different levels of security, so be sure to research before you buy one. Then there are floor or wall safes. The biggest con with these is that installation is time consuming and more expensive, as a hole will have to be made in your floor or wall which involves checking for wires, studs and the appropriateness of the location. However these sorts of safes are more hidden and hence more secure, and you do not have to look at them all of the time so are often preferred by customers. The type of safe you get is up to you, but locksmith Leicester highly recommend a safe in your property for added peace of mind for your most valuable belongings.

Fast relief when you’re locked out

Being locked out is something that we all (even locksmiths) will face in our lives. Its inevitable amongst the hubbub of modern life. We’re constantly rushing around and rushing out the door forgetting our keys! But not to fear – we have got you covered here at locksmith Leicester. We have adapted to this demanding pace of life and the fact that the world feels like it operates on a 24/7 basis. We match it with our 24 hour locksmith service. Being locked out doesn’t happen conveniently between the hours of 9 and 5pm, so we don’t work between those hours either. Instead we give customers the widest range of flexibility possible when they call us.

door lock locked locksmith

So when you do call, we ask you to give us a time rather than the other way around. This ensures that there will always be a time that we both can do. Wherever you can squeeze us into your busy schedule, we have your back. Being local helps as we are only ever a call and drive away, we know leicester like the back of our hands! And our locksmiths leicester don’t just respond quickly to calls, we work fast too.

Using our years of experience helping customers out of lock out situations we know the best way to get customers back inside quickly. The approach is taken with care and precision to ensure no damage is done to your home. And there won’t be any fuss or faff – it’ll be a straightforward, methodical approach that we know works. Replacing your lock with a high standard of finish and leaving you in a more secure position that before. Customer security is at the heart of what Leicester locksmiths does in all the jobs we do. Don’t make yourself unsafe today by not saving our number in your phone – call on us when you’re locked out and we will give you fast relief.

Can a Leicester locksmith assist me with a hi-tech security solution?

CCTVIt is an unfortunate fact of life that some properties are easier targets for criminals than others. For these properties, it may be the case that traditional security solutions simply aren’t up to scratch. For these properties, we like to recommend the possibility of a hi-tech security system to provide an extra layer of safety from unwanted criminal activity. This is particularly viable for properties left unattended for a large period of time or those located away from the centre of town in poorly lit areas. Whatever the reason, if you believe your property needs an extra layer of security for protection, you need to be sure you can speak to a professional security team to discuss appropriate

There’s a misconception that’s persisted for a number of years that locksmiths only focus on traditional methods of securing properties. For example, your local Leicester locksmith is highly-trained in common problems such as helping residents regain entry to their properties or repairing UPVC door mechanisms or carrying out a UPVC door lock replacement. However, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond this by providing all possible hi-tech security installations, meaning Leicester Locksmiths are the hub of all your security needs in the locality.

By investing in our staff, the tools they use and the products they install over the years, we have been able to provide the perfect security solution for all properties within Leicester and the surrounding neighbourhoods. For instance, should you require a CCTV installation at your home or business then we are happy to recommend a range of products which would be suitable for your property. Before any recommendation we complete a full security assessment to ensure that the installation we complete is the one which is perfect to secure your particular property. If the installation occurs at commercial premises, we are happy to provide complementary training to your staff to ensure you have a range of personnel capable of operating the system.

For a free, no-obligation quote on any hi-tech security system you may require, or if you simply want to discuss your options, call us today. We’re open 24/7 meaning one of our friendly security experts will always be available to take your call.

Advice in and with a Locksmith Leicester, supply and install

One of the best ways to protect your property and your belongings is by getting an alarm system installed. Making sure notification is sent when someone without authority enters your home.

After all summer is incoming and there may be times where you will leave your property uninhabited for a longer period of time. A nice holiday somewhere, or seeing family and friends is something always connected with the sunny season. This may be the ideal time to get in touch with locksmith Leicester installers for advice in how to keep your property safe whilst you are away. How much the service will cost?

As technology advances it become easier and easier, and more available to everyone. If you have a valued home, then making sure it’s safe and secure. At locksmith Leicester we take pride in making sure we are always up to date with the latest technologies, and supply complete security systems taking into account your budget.

Defensive Gardening with Locksmith Leicester

When thinking about home security, people often think of the inside and outside of the physical building that is their house. However, your property starts at the garden, and there are many security upgrades that can be made here before you even think of the house itself! Defensive gardening is the term used for garden security features, and they can often look much better than they sound.

Locksmith Leicester Introduces Defensive Gardening One example of defensive gardening is by choosing the right plants and locations to put these in your garden. A locksmith Leicester classic is to put flowers with spikes or thorns – such as beautiful roses – underneath your ground floor windows. This will deter thieves from trying to enter into your house this way, as they’ll be in for a spiky surprise! Potential burglars are looking for homes that are easy to access, and this simple change makes yours seem much less inviting to the wrong people. Another good idea is to have large hedges around your property, meaning there is only one way in and out of the garden and home. This allows you to see any potential trouble before it reaches your door, and means that you are defended from most angles.

Gravel is another good landscaping idea, as the crunchy rocks let you hear anyone who is approaching your home. Again, thieves are easy to spook, and the sight or sound of gravel will send them running! You should also always remember to lock away your garden furniture, as this could be stolen without the thief even having to enter your home. Anything valuable, particularly BBQs, should be kept locked in a shed – this will also help prevent any issues from weathering. If you’re looking for the right lock for your shed, then call Locksmith Leicester today, and we’ll be able to talk through your external security needs with you.

What do I do if I’m locked out?

Left keys insideIf you’re locked out, your first priority is going to be getting back into your home. There may be easy ways for you to get back in, and that’s what your nearest locksmith Locksmith Leicester is here to help with. Firstly, if you are renting or live in an apartment complex, your best choice is to call your landlord. A landlord should have spare keys available and should be able to get you access back into your home relatively quickly, and at a minimal cost as they have a key and so will not need to call a professional service.

If there is any problem with this, such as it is the weekend or in the early hours of the morning, then you could check your home for open ground floor windows and try to climb in through here – although do this at your own risk! Also note, that this shows a real lack of home security, and no home should be left unattended with unlocked windows as this means a burglar could gain easy access! If this is the case then immediately lock the windows once inside, or if they have no lock then feel free to call the Locksmith Leicester team to come and install one for you.

If neither of these options have worked, then it is time to call a professional. The Locksmith Leicester experts are on call 24/7 in order to get you back into your home any time, come rain or shine! We can be with you in just 30 minutes so you do not have to face being out in the cold for too long. Do not try to pick the lock yourself, as you will often cause serious damage to the locks, and then will need professional help anyway – so call Locksmith Leicester instead for easy, fast reentry into your home.

What types of lock are there?

mortise key locksmith leicester

Locksmith Leicester often gets questions, like “What are the different types of locks?” Well, in most UK properties, you’ll be facing one of two locks. Granted, sometimes people have specialist locks, but if this is you then the chances are that you know about it already! For those who don’t know anything about locks, there are some simple ways to tell what lock you have. The first type of lock is called a cylinder or Yale lock. These are common, and have a few exciting properties. They often feature a latch, meaning that you do not have to turn the key in the lock for it to lock properly, but can simply pull the door closed and it will lock. Although beware! The door is not fully locked in this state, only half-locked – any wizened criminal will be easily able to open it, and so you should always turn the key to lock no matter what the sort of lock you have. Yale locks are often installed on uPVC doors, and have small keys with ridges all down the side of them.

The other type of lock is known as a mortise lock or deadbolt. These actually provide a greater level of security as they are harder to break into, and so you should definitely consider replacing your Yale locks with these, or getting these installed in addition to your Yales. After all, Locksmith Leicester knows there’s no upper limit on security! Mortise locks have long, L-shaped keys with ridges right at the end – see the picture to the left – and are a great security improvement that can be made to any home. If you’d like a mortise lock installed, why not call Locksmith Leicester today to find out our amazing prices and more!